90%+ of world's big brands have apps, Google testing in-store Street View, Anti-Facebook network Unthink launches and human advertising with BuyMyFace - 31/10/11

by Stefano Scaglione on Mon, 10/31/2011 - 10:56

Is everyone ready for Halloween tonight? We're not, as we all celebrated on the weekend!  This week there has been some interesting news about social media and the role it plays for brands, so enjoy the read and let us know if there's anything that we might've missed!
Over 90% of the world’s big brands are using mobile apps A new report by Distimo, an app store insights company, examined the position of apps from the 100 brands on Interbrand’s 2011 Best Global Brands ranking in leading app stores (Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft). The report found that 91% of brands have at least one app in the app stores, up from the previous 51% in 2010.  Disney had the most apps, followed by Sony, BMW and MTV.   Distimo concluded that over the last 18 months, brands have been embracing app stores as an effective channel to promote their brand, engage with consumers and to increase visibility.   Google testing in-store photos on Street View Wish you could see inside stores on Google Maps? Brace yourself as Google is testing out this addition to the existing Street View software. ; Initially, feature was used for 17 global museums, but now Google is offering shop owners the opportunity to add more information about their stores on Street View. Fish-eye lenses will be used for panoramic photos, offering viewers a greater view of shops.   Cities such as London, Paris, Japan and Sydney will be able to see indoors photos first to see whether the feature should be applied globally. Anti-Facebook social network ‘Unthink’ launches to the public Unthink, the ‘anti-Facebook’ network, has left beta following $2.5 million in funding. The network is supposed to be a more ‘open’ and ‘honest’ social network where users are the owners of their own data. It also allows brands to create their own pages without the limitations of Facebook.   The site’s marketing efforts have focused heavily on bringing Facebook down, with words such as ‘Enough’ and ‘Social Revolution’ being used.   Users can sign up and read the site’s manifesto at Unthink’s homepage. BuyMyFace.com - Human advertising? Ross Harper and Ed Moyse, two London students in debt, recently launched BuyMyFace.com, a site that allows companies to purchase customisable advertising space on Ross or Ed’s face, as well as the homepage.   After several weeks, the founders claim that their inbox is full from brand proposals and pitches to use their faces. In the first ten days of the site’s launch, the duo made £3,500. Brands that have used the service include Paddy Power and Russel Howard.

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