Green Poll Social Media Campaign

Imperial Leisure were approached by Green Man Music Festival to increase the awareness of the festival taking place on 14th, 15th, and 16th of August.

Imperial Leisure approached the project in three steps.

1) Strategy

We undertook a social analysis of the current online positioning of the brand in relation to other festivals, how effectively Green Man are reaching their target audience, and what is currently being said about Green Man.

2) Creative

We devised the concept of Green Poll from our strategy findings where we identified our target audience being as the genuinely music loving audience who love variety in their music and choose not to follow the mainstream. We also found that the current audience who talk about the festival feel very close to it and regard it as a closely guarded secret as they don’t want it to be spoilt like other festivals.

Green Poll empowers the target audience with a sense of participation with this year’s festival as well as reaching furtherinto the music loving audience. It simply allows the public to decide which band they would like to see opening the festival.

Green Man Facebook Application

The campaign was designed to become viral by allowing the public to embed widgets to their blogs and MySpace and FaceBook profiles. We encouraged users the campaign to their friends to gain more votes by implementing link sharing buttons including Facebook, MySpace, Diggand

3) Seeding

Using our in house social media tracking engine we identified around 1000 websites as being relevant to the Green Man Music Festival. We then seeded the campaign to these sites.


In its first year Green Poll attracted 50,000 visitors and 300,00 page views with an average of 6.7 minutes spent on the site. 287 bands registered on the site to get the chance to open the festival. The competition is now in its third year and has already doubled these figures. Update coming soon.

Green Man Festival:

"The Imperial Leisure team were integral in the success off the Green Poll campaign. From planning the strategy to implementing the creative solutions and providing real time feedback and campaign updates to maximise the effectiveness of the campaign, and post campaign reports and analysis, Imperial Leisure provided their expertise at every stage. Imperial Leisure's understanding of social media helped us achieve results with audiences we could not reach before. The campaign helped Green Man lay the foundation steps in evolving a long term marketing strategy that will help us expand our horizons."