We're a social media marketing agency and creative communications agency. We help brands and businesses connect with their audience. We're based in London and Singapore.

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Our Latest Work

Here is a selection of our latest projects and clients

Empress Gin 1908

We work with Victoria Distillers to support them with content creation and online advertising.

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Swatch Influencer Marketing Campaigns

We work with Swatch on influencer activations for the launches of its new collections.

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How Stories Break on Twitter

Twitter is where stories break and where it all happens. We created films to visualise how stories break and propagate on Twitter.

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Millennium Hotels and Resorts

We are Millennium Hotels And Resorts' global partner for content, social media and campaigns.

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Further, Faster with Twitter

We worked with Twitter to show brands can go further and faster on Twitter.

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We launched PixPax ‚Ästa new, young and brave award-winning¬†photography brand. PixPax won Most Effective App at the Mobile Marketing Awards.

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Kodak Moments Film

We support Kodak Alaris with the promotion of KODAK MOMENTS app across social media, community management, retail, CRM, digital and advertising. This case study showcases the many films we have created over the last six years.

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Chelsea FC #StayAllTogether Influencer Collaborations

Millennium Hotels and Resorts are the Official Global Hotel Partner for Chelsea FC and we worked with them to bring the partnership to life for their guests with influencer collaborations, events and competitions.

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Flik Flak Influencer Marketing Campaign

We work with Flik Flak on influencer activations for the launches of its new collections and events.

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Some words and accolades from our clients and the press.

Name games aside, we have to hand it to Imperial Leisure, the company that executed a new iPhone-centered advertisement aimed at raising awareness for Jaffa oranges.


We have worked with Imperial Leisure for over 7 years and for good reason. They are consistently helping us come with innovative and creative solutions to help us achieve our objectives across content production, social media, paid social and even retail.

Kodak Moments

Always enjoyed working with Imperial Leisure. The team are very creative, responsive and supportive with all our needs. We know we can count on them for all of our requirements ranging from global campaign creative development to creating engaging social media content.

They have been extremely accommodating to needs required across the various regions. Requests are always met with a positive attitude and delivered on time.

Millennium Hotels and Resorts

As far as adverts go, this is one of the better ones.


From the off, Imperial Leisure demonstrated a strong strategic approach that understood our business objectives and goals. The nimble team backed this up through innovative, creative execution across all channels.


Your work was incredibly well received and really did a great job of introducing the new pack to our distribution network with maximum impact. Thanks again.


Imperial Leisure have really helped us to challenge the way we market our games. Their work on Tekken 6 dramatically stood out as a highly sophisticated approach to reaching the more mainstream and casual gamer. They are also a lovely bunch of people to work with!

Namco Bandai

We thought the blogs coverage all really positive and there were some great features on Scuba Libre. We were really impressed by the amount of hits we got on the video!


Imperial Leisure's understanding of social media helped us achieve results with audiences we could not reach before. The campaign helped Green Man lay the foundation steps in evolving a long term marketing strategy that will help us expand our horizons.

Green Man Festival


Research & Insights

Research and insight from the world of marketing

The future of influencer travel marketing

As the travel and hospitality industry begins to ramp up its marketing activity in response to Covid-19, what role can influencer marketing play and how will things have changed from before?

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The future of travel

To enable travel and hospitality businesses to prepare for what’s next, we conducted surveys in UK and Singapore to understand just how things will change in the future. Here’s what we discovered.

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Lovie awards

Best Design

Love Will Conquer
Runner up
Lovie awards

Best Use of HTML5

Love Will Conquer
Runner up
Loyalty and Engagement Awards

Best Loyalty Programme Relaunch

Millennium Hotels and Resorts
Loyalty and Engagement Awards

Best Loyalty Programme

Millennium Hotels and Resorts
Efective Mobile Marketing Awards

Most Effective App


Our Services


We provide social media marketing strategy services to define what success means for you and formulate the right strategy to find your success.

  • Brand strategy
  • Campaign strategy
  • Content and social strategy
  • Research, insights and reporting


We create compelling concepts, messages, content, stories and campaigns for your audience.

  • Messaging
  • Content creation
  • Concept development
  • Creative direction
  • Brand guidelines
  • Tone of voice


We run your social media advertising campaigns.

  • Campaign strategy & plan
  • Media buying
  • Reporting

Social Media

We provide social media management services to grow your community and activate fans into brand advocates.

  • Paid social
  • Content creation
  • Community management
  • Customer service
  • User-generated content


We offer influencer management to activate campaigns through our network of influencers.

  • Influencer strategy
  • Content creation
  • Influencer sourcing & management
  • Campaign amplification

Email & CRM

We plan, manage and implement your communications across email, in-app, text and push messages.

  • Communication strategy
  • Email, push message, in-app messages and SMS
  • Design, copywriting, build and deployment of messages

Film & Animation

We create captivating films featuring live action, animation, motion graphics and 3D.

  • Live action
  • Motion graphics
  • Animation
  • 3D

Mobile & Digital

We create beautiful websites and mobile apps.

  • Mobile apps
  • Microsites
  • Websites

A social media marketing agency that's driven by data and insight

We are a creative agency for the social media age. We help remarkable brands across the world stand out from the noise. There's no hocus-pocus to what we do. We formulate the right social media marketing startetgy by asking the right questions. We can then start getting the right data to produce the right social media marketing plan. We believe that‚Äôs the best way to embark on the path to success ‚Äď by eliminating guesswork and understanding what your audience wants.

We started life as a content production company producing films, websites, ads, animations and title sequences. So we really know a thing or two about our craft. As our work gained attention and recognition, we found ourselves with clients who trusted us to offer a more holistic service.

To deliver success, we know that we need to help our clients stand out from the noise. Knowing that we need to stand out from the noise is the easy part ‚Äď actually helping our clients stand out from the noise is the really hard part. We relentlessly question our work, redo our work, iterate, test and improve. It means blood, sweat, tears and a lot of passion.

We’re proud of our approach. It enables us to work across any media.

We like to think of ourselves as your partner that will support you through thick and thin. When we work together as partners, we not only trust each other, we also push each other to deliver better work that delivers better results. And that’s why our average client relationship is three to four years long.

If you’re an ambitious brand looking for a social media marketing partner that shares your values, we want to hear from you.

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The Latest from our Blog

Ramblings from contributors and the team.

Influencers and content creators ‚Äď what‚Äôs the difference?

Influencers and content creators have been happily co-existing for years. Are the two synonymous, or do they deserve greater distinction? 

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Instagram Tells Us How Its Algorithm Works, Tips to Grow Followers on Your LinkedIn Page, Instagram's Experiment With Likes Doesn't Make As Much Impact As Expected

Instagram published the first in a series of posts that tries to clarify and explain how its algorithm works.  Facebook is launching new features on Instagram to help creators earn more money. LinkedIn has shared an article on how brands and businesses can increase their followers.

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YouTube Shorts Lets More Users Sample Audio from Any Video, Android Follows iOS, Twitter About to Launch Super Follows Feature

YouTube is catching up with TikTok by allowing more countries to sample audio from any YouTube video. Twitter is reportedly about to launch a new feature that will let some account holders charge users to give them access to additional content. Google is following in the footsteps of Apple by all

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Everyone on Instagram and Facebook Can Now Hide Likes, Poparazzi's Popularity Continues

Facebook and Instagram users can now hide their public like counts from their profiles. Poparazzi is a new app that bans selfies and only lets users take photos of others.

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Shopping on TikTok Explodes by 553%, Boost Best-Performing Posts on LinkedIn, Should Overseas Travellers Carry a Vaccine Passport?

LinkedIn has just made it easier for brands and businesses to adopt an always-on paid-social strategy. Travel influencers experience less loyalty than other categories. Shopping on TikTok has increased by an incredible 553%

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Google is Reinventing Video Calls, Clubhouse has Added 1 Million Android Users

Google is piloting Project Starline to hold video calls where specialist hardware captures and projects a 3D likeness of the people talking to each other. Instagram is rolling out new features for creators to better understand how their Reels and Live videos are performing. Hot tub streams are ta

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Instagram To Host First-ever Creator Week, Captions with 1,000 to 2,000 Characters Generate the Most Engagement on Instagram

Instagram has just announced that it will host a Creator Week. A report by HubSpot and Mention discovered that Instagram posts with longer captions generate more engagement. Facebook is tapping into the live streaming trend sweeping the world by launching Live Shopping Fridays in the US.

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TikTok To Host First-Ever Live Museum Marathon, Google's Floc API is Struggling to Take Off, Azar ‚Äď The Social Discovery¬†App Quietly Taking Over the World

Today, TikTok is going to take users on a virtual tour of 23 museums dotted across 12 countries around the world. In light of third-party cookies being phased out across all browsers, Google is implementing Floc API. In 2020, Azar was the sixth highest-earning non-gaming app in Europe and claims

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Pinterest is Testing Livestreamed Events, TikTok is More Popular with Gen Zers Than Instagram

TikTok is about to have more than 37 million Gen Z monthly active users in the US compared to Instagram which has 33 million. Pinterest is responding to the global rise of live-streamed shopping events

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4% of iPhone Users Are Opting In To App Tracking, What Time Should You Post on Social Media?

73% of people believe that it is important brands clearly communicate what they are doing to help people and society. Sprout Social has released a new report showing when the best and worst times to

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Workplace Reaches 7 Million Paid Subscribers, LinkedIn Tells Us B2B Marketing Shouldn't be Boring, TikTok is Celebrating Small Businesses

Workplace by Facebook has reached 7 million paid subscribers. TikTok is celebrating local and small businesses in May. Twitter Research is tapping into the audio trend.

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Twitter's #FollowLocalJournalists Campaign, Loyalty Programmes in a Cookieless World

Twitter is celebrating World Press Freedom Day. Engadget contributes to the ongoing debate on the algorithmic bias of social media recommendation engines.

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Being an Influencer is Addictive, Four-Step B2B Marketing Formula, 27 Creative Innovators

The Guardian highlights how Twitter users turned on Karen Carney following a comment she made about Leeds Football Club. Forrester has just published an article about the 4 Ps of B2B marketing success formula.

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Throwback to Ice Bucket Challenge, First-Party Data May Become King, What Are the 12 Brand Archetypes?

Will Leitch writes¬†about the phenomenon that took the internet by storm ‚Äď the Ice Bucket Challenge. First-party data is emerging as a valuable commodity. Which character archetype does your brand live up to?

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Pinterest Users Up, Facebook is About to Take on Clubhouse and Instagram Creators About to Get a Marketplace

Pinterest's monthly users have gone up to 478 monthly active users. Facebook just announced that it will launch a series of audio-only features imminently. 

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TikTok Influencer Marketing Tips 2021

Brands are choosing TikTok more and more for influencer collaborations and advertising, so with a few campaigns under our belts recently we’ve noticed a few key differences between collaborating on TikTok than other social media channels.

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Why are we still mocking the influencer?

We've heard it all before… from people stating adamantly 'they are not an influencer' to it not being seen as a 'real' occupation, the stigma attached to being an influencer is definitely out there.

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Marketing Guide to Prosperity with Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is China’s most important annual celebration. It is not only celebrated in China, but also in countries such as Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, North Korea, Singapore, South Korea, and Vietnam.

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Livestreams are the future of shopping and they’re coming your way

Livestreaming is an exploding trend that you need to take note of. The number of livestream users in China reached 560 million in March 2020, where the trend is fuelled largely by 18-24 year olds.

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Twitter Rolls Out Its Disappearing Tweets, Facebook's Ecommerce And Ad Copy Tips, Yougov Best Brand Rankings 2020 and More

Twitter has released its own version of stories, Donal Trump gives rise to a new meme and online grocery sales in US are set to increase by 52.9%. Here's a round up of the latest news.

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Global Smart Speaker Shipments To Rise 21% Next Year, Global Social Media Ad Spend Jumps 56.4% In Q3

Can livestreaming revive the travel industry? Social media ad spend jumps despite a global downturn in marketing budgets. Here's the round-up of latest news.

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Digital Video Consumption is Spiking in Asia-Pacific, Universities are Paying Student Influencers and More

Here are the latest news you may have missed including Pinterest's plans to amplify underrepresented creators and businesses, how an Instagram influencer made $1k in a week from the new tipping feature and more.

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was a Hit on Twitch, Photoshop AI Can Make You Younger and More

Some of the news you may have missed including how facebook is going after fake engagement services, Snapchat's strongest quarter and more.

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There's a 50-50 chance we're living in a simulation, Thespians create new musical collaborations with TikTok's duet feature

Bert is back after taking a short break while our website underwent some maintenance. Here are some of the stories you may have missed.

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What are some alternatives to TikTok if it is shutdown and what is doomscrolling.

It's Friday, don't you know? Here are some of the stories you may have missed.

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Gen Z are proud and woke, TikTok announces first wave of creators, Snapchat users' holiday plans

TikTok announced the first wave of recipients for its new Creators Fund. A new report uncovers insights to help brand marketers build effective strategies and brand initiatives to engage with Gen Z. Snap Inc.

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Facebook Launches New $25 Million Program to Support Black Creators, How to Make Sense of Instagram Reels as a Marketer, YouTube Publishes New Data on Rising Trends During COVID-19

Facebook's new $25 million program to support black creators. What's the difference between Instagram Reels and TikTok? Sports marketers are adopting to the Covid-19 era. Read all about it in today's round up of news stories by Bert, our AI copywriter finding and summarising the day's news.

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Here come the TikTok clones, What If Movies Had Always Been Vertical? and Instagram’s algorithm favoured Trump over Biden

Here come the TikTok clones and Instagram's algorithms prefer Trump over Biden. Read all about it.

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Facebook launches Instagram Reels, TikTok Creators Produces Hospitality Experiences

Our round-up of news from the worlds of social, marketing and creative is back. Here are some of the day's news that you may have missed.

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How to work with and give feedback to a creative agency

For a successful client-agency relationship, following these simple stages of the creative process and making each other aware of the expectations is crucial.

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Non-essential stores are now open but what does this mean for retail?

As non-essential shops opened in the UK on Monday, the media was flooded with pictures of people queuing outside. However, with the Covid-19 pandemic still continuing, what does this really mean for the opening of these retail stores?

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Brits intend to eat out more, domestic holidays set to increase and Asians prefer to dine in

A third of Britons expect to spend more on eating out than they did before lockdown and 29% plan to spend more than they did previously on domestic holidays.

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The State of Social: April Edition

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, social media channels have continued to adapt to the current situation. We’re here to give you the lowdown.

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Creative opportunity that comes with a pause

There‚Äôs so much advice out there‚Ķ ‚Äúlearn a new skill‚ÄĚ, ‚Äúupdate your portfolio‚ÄĚ, ‚Äúgive back to the community‚ÄĚ. What do you do?

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Houseparty: The app for the social-distancing age

The words, ‚ÄėDownload Houseparty!‚Äô has become the social call to action of an international community living through isolation.

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