We're a social media agency and creative agency that specialises in advertising, social media and marketing across all media.

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Future of Travel and Hospitality

To enable travel and hospitality businesses to prepare for what’s next, we conducted surveys in UK and Singapore to understand just how things will change in the future. Here’s what we discovered.

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We're a creative agency that puts consumers first

Our Services


We work with you to define what success means for you and formulate the right strategy to find your success.

  • Brand strategy
  • Campaign strategy
  • Content and social strategy
  • Research, insights and reporting


Our creatives across the creative agency create compelling concepts, messages, content, stories and campaigns for your audience.

  • Messaging
  • Content creation
  • Concept development
  • Creative direction
  • Brand guidelines
  • Tone of voice


Our social media managers across the social media agency grow communities and activate fans into brand advocates.

  • Campaign strategy & plan
  • Media buying
  • Reporting

Social Media

We will grow your community and activate fans into brand advocates.

  • Paid social
  • Content creation
  • Community management
  • Customer service
  • User-generated content


We activate campaigns through our network of influencers.

  • Influencer strategy
  • Content creation
  • Influencer sourcing & management
  • Campaign amplification

Email & CRM

We plan, manage and implement your communications across email, in-app, text and push messages.

  • Communication strategy
  • Email, push message, in-app messages and SMS
  • Design, copywriting, build and deployment of messages

Film & Animation

We create captivating films featuring live action, animation, motion graphics and 3D.

  • Live action
  • Motion graphics
  • Animation
  • 3D

Mobile & Digital

We create beautiful websites and mobile apps.

  • Mobile apps
  • Microsites
  • Websites



Our Latest Work

Here's some of our latest projects and clients

Empress 1908

We work with Victoria Distillers to support them with content creation and online advertising.

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Swatch Influencer Collaborations

We work with Swatch on influencer activations for the launches of its new collections.

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How Stories Break on Twitter

Twitter is where stories break and where it all happens. We created films to visualise how stories break and propagate on Twitter

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Millennium Hotels and Resorts

We are Millennium Hotels And Resorts' global partner for content, social media and campaigns.

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The Latest from our Blog

Ramblings from contributors and the team.

What are some alternatives to TikTok if it is shutdown and what is doomscrolling.

It's Friday, don't you know? Here are some of the stories you may have missed.

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Gen Z are proud and woke, TikTok announces first wave of creators, Snapchat users' holiday plans

TikTok announced the first wave of recipients for its new Creators Fund. A new report uncovers insights to help brand marketers build effective strategies and brand initiatives to engage with Gen Z. Snap Inc.

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Facebook Launches New $25 Million Program to Support Black Creators, How to Make Sense of Instagram Reels as a Marketer, YouTube Publishes New Data on Rising Trends During COVID-19

Facebook's new $25 million program to support black creators. What's the difference between Instagram Reels and TikTok? Sports marketers are adopting to the Covid-19 era. Read all about it in today's round up of news stories by Bert, our AI copywriter finding and summarising the day's news.

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Here come the TikTok clones, What If Movies Had Always Been Vertical? and Instagram’s algorithm favoured Trump over Biden

Here come the TikTok clones and Instagram's algorithms prefer Trump over Biden. Read all about it.

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A creative agency that's driven by data and insight

We are Imperial Leisure – a creative agency that helps remarkable brands across the world stand out from the noise. There's no hocus-pocus to what we do. In fact, often we don’t have the answers you’re looking for. But we do know that if we start asking the right questions, we can start getting the right data and the right answers. We believe that’s the best way to embark on the path to success – by eliminating guesswork and understanding what your audience wants.

We started life as a content production company producing films, websites, ads, animations and title sequences. So we really know a thing or two about our craft. As our work gained attention and recognition, we found ourselves with clients who trusted us to offer a more holistic service – and so we gradually became a creative agency with clients across the world.

To deliver success, we know that we need to be a creative agency that helps our clients stand out from the noise. Knowing that we need to stand out from the noise is the easy part – actually helping our clients stand out from the noise is the really hard part. We relentlessly question our work, redo our work, iterate, test and improve. It means blood, sweat, tears and a lot of passion.

We’re proud of our approach. It enables us to work across any media such as retail, social media, viral campaigns, influencer campaigns, out of home (OOH), email, CRM and advertising. Indeed, we have worked across all of these media to deliver some spectacular results for our clients.

Our clients call us their creative agency, social media agency, content agency or even their marketing agency. We like to think of ourselves as your partner that will support you through thick and thin. When we work together as partners, we not only trust each other, we also push each other to deliver better work that delivers better results. And that’s why our average client relationship is three to four years long.

If you are looking for an agency that does the same as everyone else, we’re not for you. If you’re an ambitious brand looking for a partner that shares your values, we want to hear from you.

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More about our agency

  • We are a creative agency

    Our creative agency helps brands tell compelling stories across social media, film, digital and retail.

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  • We are a strategic agency

    We help develop a better understanding through analysis and insight.

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  • We are a social media agency

    Our social media agency grows communities and activate fans into brand advocates through campaigns and community management. We help brands form a strategy to effectively take part in social media and deploy successful campaigns.

    Our social media managers in the social media agency track and analyse online conversations, social networks and message boards. We know which sites matter and what they're saying about your brand.

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  • We are a digital & mobile agency

    We create beautiful, responsive websites and smart apps

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  • We are an influncer marketing agency

    We create infectious influencer campaigns that deliver results.

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