10 Next-level Instagrammers

By Sarah on 2 August 2017

There was a time when people used to take the piss out of Instagrammers for the numerous shots of avocados and gym selfies, but we’ve changed and so has Instagram’s reputation. Now Instagram is considered to be a serious hub of creative, inspiring and unique talent like no other.

These guys are not just about the photo, it’s about the work behind the photo as they create something unique for the feed. It’s all about the feed.

1. Anna Devis and Daniel Rueda

Valencia-based couple Anna Devis and Daniel Rueda travel around the globe interacting with architecture to create something new and quirky.

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2. Rafael Mantesso

Rafael Mantesso’s story started when his wife left him on his 30th birthday. She did leave the dog, Jimmy Choo, so life was not all bad as he mended his heartache with drawings inspired by Jimmy and his blank white walls. It’s going well, he’s even got a book out.

3. Jose

Portugese Graphic Designer Jose has one USP. Nearly every shot features him.

A post shared by J O S É (@o_pinheirojose) on

A post shared by J O S É (@o_pinheirojose) on

4. Phil Ferguson

Phil Ferguson started to crochet as a means to meet new people. I know, it wouldn’t have been our first suggestion either, but it’s worked. He did an installation of his creations at the Royal Melbourne Show, has 140k followers and lots more real friends apparently.

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5. This Wild Life

Photographer Theron Humphrey travels with his dog Maddie and documents her ridiculous patience and personality. Maddie is a star and together they are This Wild Life.

6. Romo Jack

Romo Jack is a 20-something from Indonesia whose feed is primarily his #whatmyhandsdoing project. They’re pretty busy, creative hands.

A post shared by romo jack (@ponypork) on

A post shared by romo jack (@ponypork) on

7. Jacqui Kenny

At first glance Jacqui Kenny’s feed looks like somebody on a very curated travelling mission, then you discover that she’s done it all without leaving the house.

8. Air Pixels

There is some serious drone photography happening on Instagram, but Swedish Tobias Hagg is a favourite. His feed is glorious. *Leaves the studio to buy drone*.

A post shared by Tobias Hägg (@airpixels) on

A post shared by Tobias Hägg (@airpixels) on

9. Robert Jahns

Described as an Instagram phenomenon, Robert Jahns is a digital artist with one million followers. They’re all scrolling through his surreal and dreamy landscape scenes.

A post shared by Robert Jahns (@nois7) on

A post shared by Robert Jahns (@nois7) on

10. Vanessa Mckeown

Finally, bringing it closer to home with Londoner Vanessa McKeown who shares her surreal still life work with us ordinary folk.

So, there you go – and not one selfie or avocado.

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