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10 Questions x 10 Creators: Serena at @thestadlerfam

By Sarah on 2 November 2023

Hi world, meet @thestadlerfam , the oh-so-cute cute chihuahua 🤍. We chatted with her loving parents about what's it's like managing their dog-star and the joys and perils of being creators in the pet industry. 🐾


1. What do you love most about being an influencer?

What I cherish most about being an influencer is the incredible opportunity to build and nurture a strong community. Every day, I'm reminded of the beautiful connections and genuine relationships I've cultivated through sharing snippets of life with my dog, Madi. There's an indescribable joy in knowing that our content brings smiles to faces and lightens up someone's day. To me, being an influencer isn't just about numbers or trends; it's about making a positive impact, even if it's just through a simple photo or story of Madi. I'm deeply grateful for this platform and the chance to spread happiness and warmth through our shared experiences.


2. What's your biggest challenge as an influencer at the moment?

One of the most significant challenges I face as an influencer right now is the sheer intensity and demands of being "always on." Transitioning to a full-time influencer means that my work isn't confined to a typical 9-to-5 schedule.

There's an underlying pressure that comes with the constant drive to innovate, from brainstorming fresh ideas for videos to meeting the high demand for content. Selling merch, liaising with brands for partnerships, responding to a barrage of emails, and managing the multiple facets of this growing business require immense dedication. Finding an off button is tough.

I'm perpetually thinking, strategizing, and creating. While I absolutely love what I do, striking a balance to prevent burnout and ensure I deliver quality consistently is the tightrope I walk daily.


3. Are you full-time or do you juggle with another job?

I am a full-time content creator. My journey into this world began during my college days when I first started posting on TikTok. At that time, I wasn't juggling another full-time job because I was a busy student-athlete. Upon graduating in the summer of 2022, I took a moment to reflect on where my passion truly lay. Recognizing the potential and genuine love I had for content creation, I decided to take the leap and pursue it full-time. It's been an exhilarating journey since then, and I haven't looked back!


4. Do you have an agent?

I don't have an agent, but I do have a manager who assists me significantly in my influencer journey. Having a manager has been incredibly beneficial for me. She helps in scouting opportunities that align with my brand and vision, and she also manages my emails, ensuring that I don't miss out on any potential collaborations or important communications. This arrangement allows me to focus more on content creation and interacting with my community, knowing that the administrative and business side of things is being handled efficiently.


5. What's your ideal brief and brand to work with?

My ideal brand to collaborate with would undoubtedly be HomeGoods or TJ Maxx. I religiously shop at these stores and frequently share vlogs of my shopping adventures with Madi. Their products resonate deeply with my personal style, and if you were to take a peek into my living space, you'd find that pretty much everything I own has been sourced from there. Collaborating with them would feel incredibly organic and authentic given my genuine love for their offerings and the consistent presence they already have in my content.


6. What makes a successful collaboration or brand partnership?

A successful collaboration or brand partnership truly hinges on the specific goals set forth by the brand. I've worked with numerous brands where the primary objective has been to drive brand awareness. These campaigns focus on reaching a vast audience, introducing them to a product or concept, and building a strong brand recall. On the other hand, there are brands that lean towards conversion campaigns, where the emphasis is on immediate actions like purchases, sign-ups, or direct engagement.

In my experience, I gauge the success of a collaboration not only by the breadth of reach but also by the depth of engagement. A successful collaboration, in my eyes, means not just reaching a vast audience, but also receiving a positive and active response from my followers.

When my DMs start filling up with inquiries about where I got the product or how they can get their hands on it, that's a clear indicator that the collaboration has resonated and made an impact.


7. What are your pet hates when it comes to working with brands?

When working with brands, a few pet peeves come to mind:

  1. Lack of Clear Communication: It's crucial for both parties to be on the same page. When brands aren't clear about their expectations or make last-minute changes, it can disrupt the creative process and result in content that may not be as impactful.
  2. Micromanaging Creativity: While I understand brands have a specific vision, it's essential to trust the influencer's knowledge of their audience. Restricting creativity too much can lead to content that doesn't feel authentic or resonate with followers.
  3. Delayed Payments: As with any profession, timely compensation is essential. Delays in payments or unclear payment terms can strain the professional relationship.
  4. Unrealistic Deadlines: A rushed process can compromise the quality of content. Giving ample time ensures that the content is well-thought-out and aligns with both the influencer's and brand's vision.

It's always a pleasure to collaborate with brands that value mutual respect, clear communication, and trust in the influencer's expertise.


8. How do you stay on top of trends?

To stay on top of trends, I'm actively engaged on social media platforms every day. Being immersed in the online ecosystem allows me to quickly identify emerging patterns, popular topics, and the ever-evolving preferences of the audience.

It's vital to be a part of the community and not just a content creator, as this hands-on approach helps me understand what resonates with users and adapt my content accordingly.


9. What are your predictions for the future of influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing has seen a meteoric rise in recent years, and I believe its trajectory is set to evolve even further in the coming years. Here are a few predictions for the future of influencer marketing:

  1. Authenticity is Key: Audiences are becoming more discerning, and they value genuine content. Influencers who prioritize authenticity and transparency will be more successful as they foster trust with their audience.
  2. Diversification of Platforms: While platforms like Instagram and TikTok currently dominate the influencer space, emerging platforms and technologies (like virtual reality, augmented reality, and newer social media platforms) will offer fresh avenues for influencer marketing.
  3. Long-Term Partnerships: Rather than one-off campaigns, brands will seek to establish long-term relationships with influencers. This approach benefits both parties, as influencers become genuine ambassadors for brands, and brands get more consistent and authentic representation.
  4. Data-Driven Decisions: As analytics tools become more sophisticated, brands and influencers alike will lean on data to guide their strategies, ensuring that campaigns are more targeted and effective.


10. Which influencers do you admire and why?

I genuinely admire a multitude of creators in the influencer space for various reasons, each bringing their unique flair and perspective to content creation. Specifically, I have immense respect for @through.the.llyns. She stands out to me due to her unparalleled transparency about the intricacies of content creation. Her insights on how to grow as a creator are incredibly valuable. What's particularly impressive is her ability to guide creators in narrowing down their niche, ensuring they cater to their authentic audience. It's not just about creating content; it's about creating content with a purpose and vision, and Chasity embodies that ethos beautifully.

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