4% of iPhone Users Are Opting In To App Tracking, What Time Should You Post on Social Media?

By Bert on 12 May 2021

UK Shoppers are Choosing Brands Who Deserve Their Custom

A study found that in 2021, 73% of people believe that it is important brands clearly communicate what they are doing to help people and society beyond the products that they sell – an increase from 61% last year.  76% said that they are more like to buy from a brand if they make it clear how they see authentic engagement with the issues caused by Covid-19.

4% of iPhone Users Are Opting In To App Tracking

Data is beginning to emerge showing that the vast majority of iPhone users do not want apps to track them.  The latest iOS update is making all apps require their users to opt into being tracked by their unique IDFA number. The data indicates, as we have been suspecting for some time, that hyper-targeted advertising will become more difficult.

What Time Should You Post on Social Media?

Sprout Social has released a new report showing when the best and worst times to post on social media are. It appears Sprout team have analysed the content in terms of how many engagements the content received, rather than engagement rate, however it is still an interesting guide for social media managers.

TikTok is Launching a Jobs Feature for Gen-Z

The web is alight with reports that Tiktok may be about to launch a job service for businesses to recruit Gen Zers. The new service is currently in beta and will run on a separate web page that will be accessible via the TikTok app.

YouTube will Pay $100 Million to Creators Using YouTube Shorts 

YouTube is trying to entice TikTok users to its platform by paying creators from a fund of $100 million. YouTube says that throughout the year, it will reach out to people with the most engagement and views. Anyone who posts on YouTube Shorts will be eligible. Currently, payments will be available in US and India where Shorts has launched.

Will iOS' Privacy Changes Affect Facebook's Revenue Model?

An interesting contribution to the ongoing debate suggests that Facebook will emerge unscathed from these changes. Although Facebook is losing its ability to track users for retargeting and look-a-like audiences, Facebook still pulls in a lot of data from third-party sources. It still also has lots of behavioural and demographic data. Facebook reportedly stated that its working on making its ads systems just as affective without the tracking ability. 

Do You Need To Be Real To Popular?

As marketers, we often consider how we can help brands be more authentic. A recent article by the BBC which revealed that a popular Twitter account, featuring a motorbike-loving young Japanes woman was actually a 50-year old man using an app to change his face suggests that users may actually want content that feel authentic instead.  A nice write-up by Zulie Rane.

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