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Angry Birds will land on Valentines day.

Facebook gets Angry Birds, tech giants form Justice League, advertisers: "Tweet my ad during Superbowl!" & Lego astronaut nears 2m views

by Stefano Scaglione on Mon, 01/30/2012 - 13:00

Angry Birds to hit Facebook on Valentines day

Prepare for your date with Facebook this Valentines day, as you'll likely be one of the 800 million Facebook users playing Angry Birds. Founder Peter Vesterbacka announced that the widely successful franchise is coming to the world's largest social network.  The game will include a full-screen mode, leaderboards, special power-ups (starting at 99¢) and new birds. 

The game will launch in Jakarta, Indonesia, as it is the Facebook capital of the world.

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DMARC tests have found 15% drop in junk mail.

Tech giants team up to fight email spam and phishing

Tech giants, including Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Yahoo!, have joined forces to create the 'Domain-based Message Authetication, Reporting and Conformance' (DMARC) technical specification, to eliminate email spam and phishing attacks on users. The initiative will change the way each company authenticates email services, and is expected to be submitted as an official Internet standard shortly.

Advertisers want viewers to tweet about ads during Super Bowl breaks

A 30-second slot will cost around $3.5m, so why wouldn't you want viewers to be tweeting about your ad? Forecasts expect 60% of the 100 million viewers to be tied to a second screen, such as a smartphone or tablet, often interacting with others about the game. So advertisers this year have been focusing on creating ads that encourage users to participate through social media.

A notable example is Coca Cola's CGI bears that will be watching the game and reacting in real-time to the game through Facebook.  The company hopes to get people talking about the bears during the match breaks.

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Fans will be able to watch the Super Bowl with these guys.

Canadian Lego man in space reaches 1.9m views in 4 days

There are plenty of 'faster' viral videos than this, but credit has to be given to the two Torontonian teenagers that sent a Canadian flag-bearing Lego man to space. The video hit 1m views in just two days, and is now closing in on 2m views during the writing of this post.   

The video has featured on many websites, and a making-of is planned for release shortly. The two teens spent $500 on a GPS tracker, four cameras and a mobile phone, proving that huge budgets aren't needed for going viral. You can watch the astronaut here

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