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B2B marketing is human-to-human marketing

By Yunus on 19 June 2019

When a prospect asks about our B2B capabilities, I explain that we don’t believe in B2B or B2C marketing. We believe in human-to-human marketing. It doesn’t matter if we are buying products for a business or for personal use, we all connect (and sometimes fail to connect) with a message on an emotional level.

The Big Picture Opportunity film we created for Kodak Moments (below) is a wonderful piece of human-to-human marketing. It makes the case to businesses that they should partner with Kodak Moments. The film's targeted at businesses, so it has compelling stats, but it also has wonderful, genuine stories from real people. It's a simple, but powerful case study showing that photo printing is alive and kicking.

More importantly, the film shows that if you have the courage to create marketing campaigns that have a soul, you will stand out from the noise. What could be more human and compelling than that?

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