Being an Influencer is Addictive, Four-Step B2B Marketing Formula, 27 Creative Innovators

By Bert on 3 May 2021

Link Diversity on The Web is Decreasing

A new paper, which analysed web pages and 10 billion social media posts going back a decade, discovered that although we post more links than ever, we also link to fewer domains than ever. The majority of links are now dominated by giants such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and so on. In fact, the paper found that new websites and services have around a 3% chance of still being around five years after they were first launched.

Being an Influencer is Addictive

Bella Younger has just written in about how she became an accidental influencer on Instagram – at one stage she had around 150,000 followers. The article covers issues ranging from addiction to like, mental health and online abuse. It's a long read, but a good one.

Abuse on Social Media

This past bank holiday weekend in the UK, many sports teams boycotted social media to protest against increasing online abuse of their players and many others connected to football. The Guardian highlights how Twitter users turned on Karen Carney following a comment she made about Leeds Football Club.

Four-Step B2B Marketing Formula

Forrester has just published an article about the 4 Ps of B2B marketing success formula: planning, production, promotion, performance. Sounds obvious, though there's a link to a nice piece about how you can create thought-leadership content that stands out.

27 Innovators Who Are Unlocking the Creative Potential of Social Media

Who doesn't love a list? Thanks, AdWeek.

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