British adults spending more money online than anyone else in Europe

By Kyle on 26 April 2013

Recently, Forrester released a report about the online spending habits of adults in the five largest European economies: France, Germany, Spain, Italy and the UK. The findings are based on a survey of 22,000 people over the first three months of 2013.

The research revealed that UK adults spend the most money online, with the average shopper spending £204 over the three months. Sites like Amazon are popular — 59% of of those surveyed in the UK had shopped there.

The survey also showed that 83% of British adults access the Internet at least once a month — the highest number of those surveyed. UK adults are the most likely to own a laptop (64%), a smartphone (52%) or tablet (12%). This has led to higher engagement with online retailers. Forrester estimates that 78% of UK adults purchased something online in those three months.

British people did more than half their Christmas shopping online this year. Average spending online has increased year on year for the past 5 years, although customer satisfaction has struggled to keep up with the pace.

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