Brits intend to eat out more, domestic holidays set to increase and Asians prefer to dine in

By Yunus on 19 May 2020
Illustration by @hanroemakes.

Hospitality businesses in the UK will be encouraged to see a recent survey by YouGov which indicates that once the lockdown ends, a third of Britons are planning to spend more on eating out than they did before the lockdown was introduced.

32% of Brits intend to spend more on having meals out than they did before lockdown, while one in seven (15%) believe they will spend less. YouGov

Conversely, in Asia, consumers are indicating that they are more likely to prioritise eating at home once the current restrictions come to an end. The study in Asia, conducted by Nielsen, suggests that consumers are more likely to order take away and delivery so that they can eat home

50% of Singaporeans intend to eat at home more often. Nielsen

Habits are changing differently in different regions

In Asia, there may be a long-term, if not permanent, shift from dining out to dining in. In the UK, there's a desire by consumers to get out and about having been in lockdown for almost two months. The difference in attitudes may be down where each region is in their Covid-19 timeline. In parts of Asia, the lockdowns have been much more restrictive than the UK. In Singapore, there is currently a second lockdown in place to control a surge in Covid-19 cases following the easing of the first restrictions.

Increase in demand for staycations

Consumers in UK and Asia are signalling an increase in demand for staycations. They are seeking to stay close to home should there be a second (or in some places a third) wave of Covid-19. In the UK, 29% are planning to spend more than they did previously on holidays in the UK. Similarly, Singaporeans are searching for staycations twice as much last year.

How can businesses and brands tailor their message?

As the lockdowns ease and hospitality venues are allowed to open, we will see a shift in consumers' needs and desires. Until a vaccine Covid-19 is found or Covid-19 disappears completely, guests will seek assurances about the precautions businesses are taking to ensure their guests are safe. Businesses that start delivering this narrative to their guests have a chance to be ahead of the curve.

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