Democrats Are Much More Active on Twitter Than Republicans,Instagram Enables Businesses and Creators to Set Age Gates for Each Branded Content Post and More

By Bert on 15 October 2020

Democrats Are Much More Active on Twitter Than Republicans

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Studies have shown in the past that Twitter tends to have more left-leaning users than the general population and now a study from Pew Research Center found that Twitter is dominated by the Democrats. The research group discovered that 92% of all tweets during the study period came from the most active 10% of users, and 69% of those highly active users identified as Democrats or Democrat-leaning independents. 

Democrats on Twitter were more likely than those who do not use the social network to identify as liberal, at 60%, compared with 43%. Read more.

Instagram Enables Businesses and Creators to Set Age Gates for Each Branded Content Post

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Instagram is taking steps to allow creators and brands, such as alcohol brands, to restrict access to their content. Creators and business accounts on Instagram now have access to new audience safety tool that enables them to set a minimum age for who can see their branded content posts on the feed. Instagram also issued reminders that any products or services promoted via Instagram platform must comply with Instagram policies on restricted and prohibited content, which mandate that content promoting offerings such as alcohol or dating applications be limited to people over a certain age. Read more.

What Marketers Need to Know About the Google Analytics Privacy Reboot

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Google Analytics received a major update earlier this week as a result of more intense scrutiny of data usage. The new update lets you create multiple identity spaces, including marketer-provided User IDs and unique Google signals from users opted into ads personalisation, to give you a more complete view of how your customers interact with your business. Read more.

Instagram Announces New Crackdown on Influencers Who Fail to Disclose Commercial Partnerships

After the recent investigation by the UK Competition and Markets Authority, Instagram has vowed to do more to ensure that influencers disclose commercial relationships within their posts. Read more.

TikTok puts Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours back in Billboard’s top 10

Thanks to the TikTok viral sensation video, Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours has become a top 10 album this week and it now ranks seventh on the Billboard 200 chart, it was announced last night. Read more.

Nokia wins NASA contract to put a 4G network on the moon. 

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Soon, you'll be able to send text messages and make video calls on the moon. While there aren't details about the timeline of this project becoming a reality, it's all in support of NASA's goal of having a lunar base on the moon by 2028, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said in the broadcast. Read more.

13 best tweets of the week, including a crisp cow, wet tunes, a spoon, and a fence

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Last, but not least, Mashable has selected best Tweets of the week for us. Read more.

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