Digital Video Consumption is Spiking in Asia-Pacific, Universities are Paying Student Influencers and More

By Bert on 22 October 2020

Digital Video Consumption is Spiking in Asia-Pacific

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Consumers in Asia Pacific are spending more time at home than ever and as a result they are consuming more digital media than ever. According to eMarketer, the this trend will continue through to 2024. Read more.

Pinterest to Amplify Underrepresented Creators and Businesses

Pinterest is launching a campaign to support underrepresented business and brands. Retailers, advertisers, and creators will be able to self-identify if they’re from an underrepresented group so that their content can appear 50 per cent reserved for they within Story Pins and curated spaces, including the Today tab, Shopping Spotlights, and The Pinterest Shop. Read more.

Universities are Paying Student Influencers to Warn Their Peers About the Coronavirus

Colleges and universities in the US using influencer partnerships to encourage students to wear masks and practice social distancing. It's an ambitious move, but will it succedd? According to some experts, when an educational organisation starts pulling from the marketer's playbook, it can come across as inauthentic. Read more.

An Instagram Influencer made over $1,000 in a Week From Its Tipping Feature,

Instagram testing a feature that lets users tip influencers during livestreams on the app, which may be especially popular among creators without huge followings. Ronne Brown, an Instagram creator with over 200,000 followers, was given access to the feature a few weeks ago. The rollout of tipping to Instagram follows a surge in its Live feature during the pandemic. Read more.

Triller is Trying to Take On TikTok

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Triller, the short-form video app created in the US is trying to take on TikTok. Will it be enough to slow the TikTok? It has the rights to 97% of licensed music out there, according to Bough, which means its short videos can travel far without the danger of being taken down. Read more.

Facebook Launches Test of Nextdoor Style 'Neighborhoods' Feature

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Facebook is testing a new feature called 'Neighborhoods'. Neighborhoods appears to have similar features to the network Nextdoor, which has around 27 million monthly active users, and has seen a significant surge in interest during the pandemic. Read more.

Facebook Dating Launches in Europe

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Facebook’s competitor to Tinder and other dating apps, launches today in Europe. Facebook users your profile on Facebook to tailor matches with your preferences, Facebook activity, and, if you opt in, groups and events.  Read more.

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