Does Anybody Even Read Anymore?

By Holly S on 17 May 2019

Looking for some creative inspiration? Well, here's a round-up of our favourite publications that should be on your radar.


Elephant Magazine

Check out Elephant Magazine to find undiscovered talent – many of whom address current affairs with an uncensored eye.



The Gourmand Journal

FOOD! Must I say any more? The Gourmand Journal talks about all things food – from the new chefs on the block to emerging artistic talents.


Suitcase Magazine

Suitcase Magazine will make you want to pack your bags and book those flights!


Aesthetica Magazine

Art. Culture. Music. This magazine really does have it all. And even better? Aesthetica Magazine celebrates new talent. 👏


BRICKS Magazine

Girl power, gender equality, and the right to be whoever the f**k you want to be – Bricks Magazine has it covered.


Monocle Magazine

A global affairs and lifestyle magazine, Monocle is packed with content perfect for leisurely Sunday reading.


Hotshoe Magazine

A beautifully curated photography magazine, Hotshoe Magazine focuses each issue around a theme, pulling together portfolios of world-renowned photographers.


Dogs Magazine

It’s a dog's life! Dogs Magazine is for all you dog lovers out there… Which is all of you, yes?

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