Facebook launches Instagram Reels, TikTok Creators Produces Hospitality Experiences

By Bert on 5 August 2020

Our round-up of news from the worlds of social, marketing and creative is back. Though we have made one change — the rounds-ups are now written by Bert, an AI engine that is monitoring the news and summarising relevant articles for us. More info on that coming soon. Here are some of the day's news that you may have missed.

Creators produce content about their hospitality experiences on TikTok

TikTok collaborated with vacation rental marketplace Airbnb on a new collection experiences hosted by creators. Participators included: Trevor Bell producing a total body burner workout; My Nguyen who shared cooking secrets; and photography tips from Bonnie Rodriguez. Read more

What you need to know about sport subcultures on reddit

Redditors have become infamous for their raw opinions, passion, and inappropriateness — just like sports fans. Celebrating sports on social media has become a subculture unto itself especially now that fans can’t go to stadiums,” says Reddit head of partner insights and research, Dan Gould. Throughout Covid-19, sports had had a regular presence on media and as a result a whole new kind of sports love blossomed overnight. Then there is hating the Houston Astros, which has become a sport unto itself. R/nfl had a 62% increase in views, r/designporn saw a +605% spike on 23 July. Read more

Facebook launches Instagram Reels

Facebook has officially launched Instagram Reels – its answer to TikTok. Read more

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