French ad agency develops viral, for Tropicana, that is similar to our viral for Jaffa

By Yunus on 13 April 2011

Some of you may remember the viral for Jaffa oranges we created, shot and released last year. The viral explored the idea of using Jaffa's product, oranges, as fruit batteries. Our film became very popular - it received lots of coverage on the internet and clocked up 475K views in the space of a few weeks. The film became so popular and linked to, if you google "fruit batteries", our film shows up in the entries.

Yesterday we were pleasantly surprised when an ad agency in France released a very similar film exploring the idea of orange fruit batteries for Tropicana orange juice.

You can see our viral for Jaffa oranges on the right and see Tropicana's viral below.

We always saw ourselves as a boutique, passionate agency that deliver big agency results. It's always nice to get an official stamp of approval in the form of a big agency developing a very similar idea and film to what we did already more than a year ago.

Finally here is one reason why the oranges in the Tropicana film cannot power those lights. You cannot insert more than 1 positive and 1 negative electrode into a cell, having more electrodes means the cell will short circuit. Maybe if they google'd "orange fruit batteries" they would have seen our experiment for Jaffa.

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