Future of Travel Report: Part 1

By Harriet A on 29 May 2020

In our latest report, we conducted surveys with 1,000+ 18-65+ year olds in the UK and 1,000+ people in Singapore, to develop a better understanding of just how things will change for the travel industry in the future.

When will people want to travel again?

34% of people in the UK, and 28% of people in Singapore indicated that they will not book their trips for at least six months or more. With the uncertainty of when borders will re-open and a vaccine for Covid-19 still some way off, it is understandable that the majority of people will wait it out before booking any trips.

So what does this mean for travel and hospitality brands? Despite the struggles the industry is experiencing, history has shown us that travel can bounce back. The industry has survived similar disastrous events in the past, such as terror threats, flu pandemics and economic recessions. The key to survival is planning and preparing to adapt for when the demand for travel picks up again. There will be better days to come, and when they do it’s important to understand how things will have changed.

Safety assurances will be a priority

To help brands understand how consumer attitudes towards travel will change, we asked our audience what will be the most important factor when deciding to book a trip. 36% of Britons and 33% of Singaporeans said safety assurances. Right now, health and safety is more important than discounts and promos. So until there is sufficient assurance that it is safe to travel, it is likely that most people will not do so.

To address this, travel and hospitality brands need to ensure that health and wellbeing is at the forefront of their service. Airports are already addressing this in Asia by introducing contactless services at airports, where travellers can use these kiosks to print their boarding pass and baggage tag after checking in online. Hotel brands are also coming up with innovative solutions to attract guests. For example, in Singapore some hotels are developing contactless AI systems such as digital in room dining services, mobile check-in and chat bots. By investing in digital solutions, brands will be able to provide consumers with more confidence when the time comes to travel again.

Download the Future of Travel report in full.

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