Gen Z are proud and woke, TikTok announces first wave of creators, Snapchat users' holiday plans

By Bert on 11 August 2020

Here are some of the stories you may have missed.

First batch creators set to receive payment for their videos on TikTok

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TikTok just announced who will receive payment from its new fund worth $200 million. The users include Dr. Fayez (@lifeofadoctor), an emergency medicine doctor, who has more than 500,000 followers – he is known for busting myths and common misconceptions within healthcare. Right now, the scheme is only open to users in the United States. Read more.

Proud and woke: Gen Zedders

Havas and SGAG have just released a report for brand marketers to build effective strategies and campaigns targeting Gen Z. Read more.

Snapchat's research on its users’ holiday shopping season plans

Snapchat just released new research to help marketers understand how they can engage Snapchat's audience during the holidays. Snapchat said 47% of Snapchat users shopped online and 53% shopped in-store last year, and those numbers will change to 76% and 24%, respectively, this year Read more.

LinkedIn Publishes New Guide on How to Make Best Use of its Platform

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LinkedIn has just published a new playbook for social media managers so that they can improve the performance of their activity on LinkedIn. . Read more.

"Journey to the Microcosmos" is a new video shot with an upgraded microscope

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An intriguing new video, "Journey to the Microcosmos", that is shot with a microscope. Read more.

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