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Google AI Enhancements, Entertainment at X, and New Ad Features on Reddit

By Shannon Correia on 6 October 2023

Google Opens Generative AI Search to Teens

Google’s AI-powered Search Generative Experience (SGE) presents a conversational mode for online searches. Now, teens in the US who sign into a Google Account can join Search Labs to access SGE via Chrome desktop or the Google app. Senior Director of Product Management at Google,Hema Budaraju, says they aim to “strike the right balance in creating opportunities for [users] to benefit from all it has to offer, while also prioritising safety and meeting their developmental needs.”

This announcement follows two other updates: a new feature for adding context to content in an “About this result” section which shows the sources used to generate the results, and an update for training the AI model to improve its detection and responses to false and offensive queries.

X’s Entertainment Moves with Paris Hilton and Game Streaming

X has also launched an officialpartnership with Paris Hilton and her media company 11:11. This is the ‘everything app’s’ first major talent signing, which will see her create 4 video programs for the platform each year for two years, along with live-shopping broadcasts and audio chats in spaces.

X is experimenting with anew game streaming process to allow users to run a gaming broadcast in the app. While it’s a challenge to set up at present, improvements are expected which will also include revenue options for creators.

ChatGPT’s New Image Features

OpenAI’sChatGPT upgrade is expected to arrive before the end of the year. It is set to include two features: AI voice options allowing you to listen to the chatbot respond to your prompts, as well as image analysis capabilities. The image analyser is limited in its ability to answer questions that identify humans, however, for privacy and safety reasons. Paying subscribers will receive access first.

Meta’s New Report on Evolving Consumption Shifts

According to Meta, “Marketers are finding that their tried-and-tested marketing mixes are no longer performing as strongly as they once did. Instead, brands are discovering that spending more on digital platforms can reap rich rewards, including greater efficiency and return on ad spend.” The company conducted research in partnership with Kantar and Nielson which focused on the Asia-Pacific market for a new report titledRethinking Media Mix Effectiveness in the New Digital Landscape. This helpful guide shines a light on how marketers need to reconsider their marketing outreach with digital marketing tips and insights in response to changes in consumer consumption.

Reddit’s Becomes More Marketing-friendly

Reddit Ads Manager has been updated to include expanded topic and audience matching options. This makes it easier for marketers to expand their reach with improved topic suggestions, informed targeting, and ad management options. Reddit has also removed the option for users to opt out of ad targeting based on their in-app activity. Other notable changes on the platform include better community descriptions, topic tags, and estimated audience sizes in the Ads Manager. In other Reddit news, theContributor Program lets eligible users earn money from Reddit based on a rewards-earning system.

Enhanced Targeting for B2Bs on LinkedIn

B2B marketers can target with precision thanks to Accelerate, LinkedIn’s new AI-driven solution. This will see end-to-end campaigns and automatic optimisations help marketers to reach their audiences with tailored creative content that is quick and easy to produce. This LinkedIn feature called Assist forms part of Accelerate, and will use AI tools such as ChatGPT will write up headlines and ad copy, and Shutterstock to generate images. It will also suggest AI-powered recommendations for targeting and budgeting. 

$14 Monthly Subscription Fee for Ad-free Meta Experiences

According to reports, Meta is planning to offer a monthly “subscription no ads” fee to EU Instagram and Facebook users. It will cost $14 for mobiles only, or $17 for desktop usage as well. This comes as the EU’s data privacy rules require consent to use personal data for ad targeting. Meta notes that the free versions of their services are supported by personalised ads. TikTok is also reportedly testing an ad-free monthly subscription plan in the US priced at $4.99.

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