Google is Reinventing Video Calls, Clubhouse has Added 1 Million Android Users

By Bert on 25 May 2021

Twitter is Dropping its AI Photo Cropping Tool Due To Gender/Race Bias

Twitter just shared findings of a study into whether there is inadvertent gender/race bias in its photo cropping algorithm. The study tested whether there is an unequal treatment based on demographic differences, objectification bias (male gaze) and representation harm. The study found that there was indeed a slight difference in the way photos were cropped: 8% difference towards women, 4% difference in favour of white people (7% in favour of white women and 2% in favour of white men). As a result, Twitter's launching a new way to crop photos.

Google is Reinventing Video Calls with Project Starline

Google is piloting new technology to hold video calls where specialist hardware captures and projects a 3D likeness of the people talking to each other. The result is that people feel a much better connection when they are talking to each other. Google is currently testing the new tool internally and with enterprise partners such as healthcare providers.

New Insights for Reels and Live

Instagram is rolling out new features for creators to better understand how their Reels and Live videos are performing. For Reels, creators and businesses will now see metrics including plays, accounts reached, likes, comments, saves and shares. For Live, creators and businesses will see accounts reached, peak concurrent viewers, comments and shares.

Clubhouse has Added 1 Million Android Users in Two Weeks

Just two weeks after Clubhouse released the Android version of its app, it has managed to add more than 1 million users. Clubhouse also said that "Over 380k people have come through the “Meet Palestinians and Israelis” room, currently on its 7th straight day.

Twitch Adds a New Hot Tub Category

Hot tub streams are taking over Twitch and Twitch has launched a dedicated category for them after it said that advertisers and creators are pushing back. Twitch said that "Being found to be sexy by others is not against our rules". The new category will mean that advertisers can stop their ads from appearing in hot tub streams if they wish to.

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