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Google's AI Emails, Twitter's New Doge Logo, and More!

By Bert on 4 April 2023

Flight deals & hotel browsing: new google search features

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Google has introduced new features to enhance the user experience for travellers searching for flights and hotels. The updates include personalised flight price tracking, hotel browsing features, and improved filtering options. With these features, Google aims to make travel planning more convenient and enjoyable. Users can now track flight prices in real time and receive notifications for price changes, browse hotels with detailed information, and filter results based on various factors such as price, ratings, and amenities. Read more.

Ai-generated art: how Brands and Agencies can avoid an ethical disaster

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The use of AI-generated art by brands and agencies raises ethical considerations, including copyright ownership and bias in algorithms. While AI-generated art offers cost savings and originality, it is important for brands and agencies to consider these ethical implications and take steps to mitigate risks, such as using diverse datasets and involving human creatives in the process. Read more.

Sprinklr introduces Chatgpt-enabled tools

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Sprinklr has introduced new tools that leverage the capabilities of ChatGPT, a large language model, to improve the customer experience. The tools use natural language processing to enable faster and more accurate customer service, as well as assist with content creation and campaign management. The company claims that the tools will help brands to deliver personalised, real-time experiences to their customers, while also saving time and resources. These tools demonstrate the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to revolutionise the customer experience, and show how brands can leverage AI to improve their marketing strategies. By incorporating these tools into their operations, brands can enhance their engagement with customers and gain a competitive edge in their respective markets. Read more.

Twitter unveils new Doge logo to drive engagement with younger audiences

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Twitter has unveiled a new logo featuring the Doge meme. The company hopes that the new logo will help to drive engagement on the platform, particularly among younger audiences. The Doge meme has gained significant popularity in recent years, particularly on social media, and is often associated with humour and irreverence. By incorporating the meme into their logo, Twitter aims to tap into this cultural phenomenon and boost user engagement. The move is part of a wider effort by Twitter to rebrand itself and enhance its appeal to users. For marketers, this news highlights the importance of staying attuned to current cultural trends and using them to inform their marketing strategies. By leveraging popular memes and other cultural references, brands can connect with younger audiences and increase their social media engagement. Read more.

Google AI to write emails for users in the near future

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Google is developing an AI-powered tool that can automatically write emails on behalf of users. The tool uses natural language processing to analyse the content of an email and suggest potential responses or follow-up actions. The aim is to help users save time and reduce the burden of email management. The tool will be particularly useful for tasks such as scheduling meetings and responding to routine emails. Google has not yet announced a release date for the tool, but it is expected to be available in the near future. For marketers, this development highlights the growing importance of AI in streamlining workflows and improving productivity. By incorporating AI-powered tools into their operations, brands can enhance their efficiency and free up time for more creative tasks. Read more.

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