Inauthentic influencers lose trust, seniors stereotype ageing badly, domestic tourism highs and lows

By Jessica L on 2 September 2021

The week in social media

As part of its efforts to make the platform safer for young users, Instagram will soon require all users to add their birthdates to continue using the app. Earlier this year, the company announced that a new version of the app aimed at under-13s is also in the works, although details are yet to be shared. As TikTok pilots its own version of Instagram’s Stories, LinkedIn is retiring its own ephemeral video feature, citing demand for a more permanent and creative experience from its professional users.

Influencer fatigue

According to stats from Sitecore, consumers are growing weary of influencers. Seventy-three percent of 18- to 44-year-olds say they now find influencers "vain and annoying", while 64% say they don’t trust what influencers promote through their social channels. However, 24% admit they use influencers for inspiration and 26% say they can relate to these titans of social media. The findings point to the need for more authentic content and the importance of genuine brand ambassadorship.

Marketers underestimate digital seniors

Google and market research company Known have co-conducted a study into the evolving digital behaviour of senior consumers. The findings suggest that marketers are largely working off an outdated picture of the silver surfer, with 86% of online seniors spending at least six hours a day online across an average of five owned devices. It gives pause for thought to an industry that’s pre-occupied by youth spending power. Though, on that note – Google has also published a piece on the importance of aesthetics for Gen Z, a generation for whom identity is a very visual thing.

High expectations, low staffing

The foretold summer of impossibly high guest expectations is revealing itself in TripAdvisor reviews. Inflated prices in major destinations like Cornwall, Devon and the Lake District – the result of strongest-ever demand – combined with chronic staff shortages has resulted in enough unsatisfied guests for the hashtag #BeKind to trend on social media. The Guardian reports that some domestic tourists are unimpressed with slow restaurant service, while others expect an experience similar to that of a package holiday abroad. 

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