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Instagram hides Stories and tests NFT features, Snapchat integrates with eBay and TikTok tries gaming

By Rebecca Y on 25 May 2022

Instagram presentation UI hides Stories

Instagram has begun testing a new Stories presentation UI, which only displays the first three frames with a ‘show all’ prompt on the top left of the screen. Essentially, this means some of your Stories may be hidden as it is easy to miss, and would require users to actively click ‘show all’. Stories after three frames will resultantly see a significant decrease in views and reach. There has been no official statement from Instagram, but it could be seen as a subtle push for users to focus on Reels, as it has been reported that Reels now make up more than 20% of the time that people spend on the platform. 

Snapchat integrates with eBay

Snapchat has revealed their new integration with eBay, allowing users to share listings from eBay directly via the Snapchat camera on Android and iOS. Users can share items that they are selling or interested in, which effectively is free advertising, but is limited to connections only. Snapchat joins other platforms in offering sellers the opportunity to promote their products. For example, Facebook has its Marketplace and TikTok launched a partnership with Square last year. While the combination of ecommerce marketplaces and social media platforms has been in conversation for years, each small step helps to build more habitual shopping behaviours. 

Instagram starts initial testing of NFT features

Instagram's chief Adam Mosseri announced the platform's initial testing of NFT features, which are only available to selected creators in the US. The selected users will be able to showcase their NFTs on their feed, Stories and direct messages. This news comes as the hype surrounding NFTs begins to wane, with the market experiencing a 92% decline in NFT sales since September, according to The Wall Street Journal. Once rolled out to further users, this opportunity will not only be interesting and potentially profitable to people who create NFT art, but also to people who want to collect. 

TikTok tests mini-games with users

It has been reported that TikTok is aiming to boost user engagement by testing new mini-games with users in Vietnam. There is no word of a global rollout plan but it’s rumoured it could come as early as the third quarter. In-app games on the platform would provide an advertising revenue boost as well as increasing the amount of time users spend on the app.

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