Instagram Tells Us How Its Algorithm Works, Tips to Grow Followers on Your LinkedIn Page, Instagram's Experiment With Likes Doesn't Make As Much Impact As Expected

By Bert on 14 June 2021

Instagram Tells Us How Its Algorithm Works

Instagram published the first in a series of posts that tries to clarify and explain how its algorithm works. The post goes into detail regarding a number of features on the platform. On the feed, posts are ranked according to information about the post, information about the person who posted, the viewer's activity and the history of interaction between the viewer and the poster. The post also attempts to clarify the misconception of "shadowbanning" – though it doesn't say one way or the other if shadowbanning occurs.

Creators Who Stream More on Instagram to Earn More Cash

Facebook is launching new features on Instagram to help creators earn more money. New affiliate and new shop features The features include a native affiliate tool for creators to share products with their followers, new shops for creators to sell their products, and earn extra payouts when they reach milestones from tools like Instagram Live and Stars.

In 2021, US Adults Will Continue To Consume As Much Media as They Did in 2020

During the pandemic, the average American adult spent more than ever consuming media across all devices including TVs, mobile devices and tablets. eMarketer has projected that this trend is set to continue this year, while TV viewing will drop. 

Facebook Launches AI that Can Dynamically Replace and Match Style Of Text In Images

Facebook has launched a new tool, TextStyleBrush, that can copy the style of any text in images and replace it with new text that matches the style. Example use cases include live translation of text on hand-written signs on your phone.

Tips to Grow Followers on Your LinkedIn Page

LinkedIn has shared an article on how brands and businesses can increase their followers. The tips range from publishing content that's worth publishing, publishing thought-leadership pieces and engaging your employees and audience.

iPhone 12 Pro Users Will Soon Be Able To Scan Their Feet To Get The Right Shoe Size

A new app, soon to be released by Volumental, will help iPhone 12 Pro users get their exact shoe size by 3D scanning their phone. The company already sells its proprietary software to brands like adidas and is now releasing a consumer version.

Instagram's Experiment With Likes Doesn't Make As Much Impact As Expected

After Instagram introduced the ability to hide likes, boss Adam Mosseri said, in a recent interview, that "it turned out that it didn't actually change nearly as much about … how people felt, or how much they used the experience as we thought it would." Suggesting that not many people opted to hide likes. 

YouTube Pays The Music Industry Over $4BN in The Last 12 Months

YouTube's head of music Lyor Cohen stated in a newsletter that YouTube paid over $4 billion in the last 12 months. He also stated that YouTube added more paid members in Q1 21 than any other quarter and that both premium content and UGC content are growing on the platform. YouTube is also continuing to innovate with features like virtual events, ticketing, merchandise and paid digital goods. 

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