Laundryheap No Laundrette

By Yunus on 15 November 2021

Laundry-cleaning service, Laundryheap, teamed up with creative agency Imperial Leisure to promote its 24-hour cleaning service.

Imperial Leisure has created a film, No Laundrette, that reimagines an iconic advertising moment shot in a laundrette because the modern-day consumer doesn’t go to laundrettes, they use Laundryheap. The campaign was produced and directed in-house by Imperial Leisure.

Imperial Leisure’s creative director Yunus Akseki said, “Our team had a ton of fun coming up with this idea in close collaboration with Laundryheap. We also wanted to make a point about diversity in advertising – it’s not just how we clean our clothes that’s changed since the ’80s.”

Director: Yunus Akseki
Director of Photography: Mark Hammond
Producer: Colette McWilliams
Music: Jacek Zaitz & Artur Zaitz
Account Manager: Harriet Allbrook

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