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LinkedIn updates algorithm, TikTok replaces discover, Instagram expands Reels and Meta utilises messaging tools

By Rebecca Y on 11 May 2022

LinkedIn updates feed algorithm to downrank bait

LinkedIn’s user activity has continued to rise alongside the broader economy in the wake of the pandemic, with reportedly ‘record levels’ of engagement growth for six quarters in a row. There will always be ‘growth hackers’ looking for ways to use the platform algorithms to maximise their content performance. With this, the platform is updating the feed algorithm to crack down on engagement baiting posts and polls, as user feedback shows that people have had enough of them.

TikTok is testing out ‘Friends’ to replace the ‘Discover’ tab

TikTok has expanded their testing of the new 'Friends' tab to replace what’s currently known as the ‘Discover’ tab. It was already available to some users but is now being rolled out further. Discovery on TikTok is still fed through the ‘For You’ feed and the 'Friends' tab offers a new type of content recommendation; showcasing content based on your actual friendships and connections, as opposed to broader trending content in the app. The platform has seen the value of connecting with friends in terms of encouraging return visits rather than showcasing the latest trends.

Meta announces new options to utilise messaging tools 

Meta is giving brands a helping hand with some new options to help utilise its messaging tools, including improved ad creation on WhatsApp, the merging of WhatApp messages into the Meta Business Suite inbox and quote requests on Instagram.

Instagram expands testing of 90-second Reels 

Users have announced that Instagram is live testing 90-second Reels, with users getting more time to film their Reels clips: an extra 30 seconds on top of the current 60-second limit. Instagram is yet to make an official statement and this is only in testing, with no official plan for a broader expansion just yet. Meta reported that Reels now makes up more than 20% of the total time that people spend on Instagram, underlining the popularity of the format – even though it is a direct copy of TikTok.

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