Meta sells virtual fashion, TikTok tests view history, Instagram allows pinned posts and LinkedIn encourages LOLs

By Rebecca Y on 24 June 2022

Meta launches avatar fashion store

Meta is improving on its digital avatars to be more interesting and interactive, as part of their broader push to encourage habitual engagement behaviour within virtual worlds. The platform is testing the use of avatar reactions to Instagram stories, which has been spotted by some users on the app. The option also prompts users who haven’t yet created their alter ego by directing them to customise their avatar character. 

You can now add further self-expression with the launch of an avatar fashion store, which will be accessible across Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. The store already features initial collections from high-end fashion houses Balenciaga, Prada and Thom Browne, though a Meta spokesperson stated that items would be priced between $2.99 and $8.99 – an accessible entry point to largely inaccessible brands. 

Eventually, digital creators will be able to launch and sell their own fashion lines. It may seem strange that people would spend money to dress their digital characters, but other platforms have seen an increased demand for exclusive items and customisations. Last year, a virtual Gucci bag sold for $4,000 on Roblox. It is not uncommon in social media that users use vanity representations to showcase their wealth, status and presence, as seen with exclusive and expensive NFTs.

TikTok tests ‘watch history’ feature

TikTok is running a limited test that will enable select users to see who among their followers has viewed their videos, but only if they opt-in to let their activity be tracked. This is an expansion of TikTok’s current feature, which lets you see who viewed your profile. The value of this feature is debatable, as seen on LinkedIn. TikTok has confirmed that this is a trial, with no plans for a full rollout as yet.

Instagram rolls out pinned posts

Instagram Chief Adam Mosseri has noted that Instagram is looking for more ways to give creators control over their profile display. After months of testing, the platform has officially rolled out the option to pin posts on your profile. The new feature allows users to pin up to three posts, with the flexibility of selecting both posts and reels. To find a new ‘Pin to Your Profile’ option, go to the three dots function menu at the top right of any post.

LinkedIn launches ‘funny’ reaction

LinkedIn has seen record levels of engagement growth over the past two years and is providing further ways to express emotion, by gradually rolling out ‘Funny’ to the six other emoji response options on posts. Despite seeming out of place on a professional networking site, the reaction was one of the most highly requested features reported in February by LinkedIn’s Chief Product Officer Tomer Cohen.



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