Our Favourite Photo Editing Apps

By Holly S on 3 July 2019


Whether you want to show off your portfolio or edit your photos, this app has you covered. You can pretty much do all basic edits with the app from healing to colour alterations. As well as these features, all you Instagram-filter lovers can make your own pre-set filters in app. And once you’re done editing, you can share your photos with your friends via online portfolio links.

For your more refined photographic projects, you also have the advantage of having this app on your computer with an abundance of extra editing and shooting capabilities. These include tether shooting, as well as masking and comping images to your heart’s content.


Most Instagram addicts will be aware of VSCO, the app targeted at the minimalist photographer. The look of faded absence has become their signature style. VSCO groups its filters for your needs. Whether you want to mimic old porta 400 film or get the perfect street-style pop, this app has you covered. Browse the discovery page to swoon over other creatives’ works.


One of the simpler apps for photo editing, this is a user-friendly option for all you technophobes. You can add a vintage filter, create double exposure as well as use the standard editing tools including white balance, lens blur and curves.

Kira Kira

Whether you’ve just bought some new bling or had those pearly whites whitened, KiraKira will add even more sparkle to your look. ✨Depending on your mood you can go full-on glitz or just add a hint of it.

Enlight Pixaloop

Ever wondered how to spark some more life into a still image? Make the waves crash or even add a flicker to a candle? This is your app.


Their slogan ‘still movin’ sums up the app. They have a bank of overlays and elements you can add to your images to jazz them up. Think old-school Apple webcam filters ­­­­­­­­­­only more refined. You’ll have hours of fun.

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