Sceptical APAC consumers on purpose-washing, varying popularity of social media in APAC and domestic travel bubble brings wonder to Malaysians

By Azrayna A on 8 October 2021

Consumers in APAC are skeptical about brands and their purpose-driven agendas.

There is a growing awareness of consumers' concerns around purpose-washing. The annual Brands in Motion study by WE Communications surveyed over 8,000 consumers in APAC, US, and EMEA to find out more about the consensus. Surprisingly, over 57% of respondents in Australia and India say that brands that took a stand on societal issues are just trying to sell more products or services. What if your brand truly cares about operating with a purpose? How then do you convince consumers to be on your side? Nearly three-quarters of respondents say that brands should make multi-year investments in one issue rather than invest in a new cause each year. It may sound obvious but consumers just want to see you show long-term commitment to effecting change, rather than jumping on a trending topic.

With differing preferences for social media across Asia, which should you pay attention to? Are you all caught up in the new era of influence?

Here are some key takeaways from Anymind's The State of Influence in Asia 2021 report. If you've ever wondered which platform to use for which market, well then, take notes. Instagram is most used by Hong Kong influencers, whereas Facebook proves to be the platform of choice in Myanmar. There is also a rise in Facebook influencers in Vietnam and Myanmar. Markets like Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore reveal an affinity for Instagram instead. On the other hand, YouTube remains strong in markets like Cambodia, Japan, Taiwan, and India, and Twitter is the most popular platform in Japan.

Malaysians are keen to start traveling domestically

Malaysia slowly reopens domestic travel, with a travel bubble to Langkawi officially launched. Other destinations like Genting Highlands, Melaka, and Tioman Island are in the plans for future travel bubbles. Since then, travel site Expedia saw a 20% increase in search queries to these locations. It's reassuring for the heavily impacted Tourism industry that consumers are yearning to travel domestically.

What do consumers in APAC expect from fashion and beauty brands today?

Talkwalker's webinar explores the latest consumer trends and expectations in this ever-changing industry. One of the overarching topics is the rising popularity and importance of Augmented Reality tools, where in-store shopping is restricted. Additionally, the rise of filters across Instagram and Snapchat is becoming a key touchpoint for consumers in Asia. With more time on their hands, fashion and beauty enthusiasts kept themselves busy with a surge in UGC through beauty tutorials across channels such as TikTok and Pinterest. Interestingly, unlikely brand collaborations generated a spike in conversations primarily on Twitter.

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