See Which Products are Trending on TikTok

By Shannon Correia on 1 September 2023

Tick tock, tick tock, there’s no time to waste! The trend cycle on TikTok moves at a rapid rate. Within these cycles, lie many opportunities. So, how can you keep track of these trends and respond in time? Knowing what the popular and trendy products are gives you a head start, along with an idea of your brand’s ranking among audiences and competitors. 

With millions of daily active users and unprecedented influencing power, TikTok is arguably one of the best places to come across for trending products. But with so much content and data on the app, you may be wondering where to start. TikTok’s Creative Center offers a treasure trove of insights and tools designed to help brands keep their finger on the pulse. 

First thing first, go to your desktop. That’s right, you’ll need to view the data from the dashboard via a desktop computer or laptop. From the Top Products section in the Creative Centre, you’ll be able to see the trending products based on region and category. Location filters allow you to view products in detail. Once you have your ideal location pinned, you can categorise the products to see what’s popular in a particular segment. 

To dig in deeper, you can also select date ranges and view analytics like click-through rates, impressions, views, and shares. This detailed data is available to view at any time, giving marketers access to a wealth of knowledge.

You can also view related videos and hashtags. This can be a springboard for your own brand, inspiring new angles and creative content ideas. Audience insights are also available to help you with targeting and finding better ways to connect with them. With so many insights available, it’s easier than ever to optimise your content strategy. 

So, what are you waiting for? The Top Products dashboard is about to become your new best friend. It’ll allow you to keep your finger on the pulse of the fan favourite items via the Top Products dashboard in the TikTok Creative Center. When you’re in the know of all things trendy, you can optimise your content feed and make the most of the opportunities that TikTok offers. 

Head to the TikTok Creative Centre and begin your data deep dive today. 

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