Shopping on TikTok Explodes by 553%, Boost Best-Performing Posts on LinkedIn, Should Overseas Travellers Carry a Vaccine Passport?

By Bert on 26 May 2021

You Can Now Boost Best-Performing Posts on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has just made it easier for brands and businesses to adopt an always-on paid-social strategy by allowing individual posts to be boosted via a "Boost" button.

LinkedIn also announced Event Ads. Event Ads allow users to easily promote key information about an event such as date, time and how users can join an event.

TikTok's Guide To Creating Videos for SMEs

TikTok has published a guide on how business can make their TikToks "pop" on the platform. The guide features some general tips such as shooting vertically, having good lighting and using various effects. There are also some examples of transitions that you can use to make your videos more exciting.

Travel Influencers Experience Lower Loyalty Than Other Categories

On the whole, influencers enjoy high loyalty from their followers, except for travel influencers. Tubular Labs discovered that travel influencers experience 41% lower loyalty than average. This highlights the need for travel and hospitality brands to work with a broad range of influencers on an ongoing basis to ensure that they are connecting with their audience. 

Shopping on TikTok Explodes by 553%

News outlets are reporting that new research from Influenster discovered that shopping on TikTok has increased by an incredible 553% compared to 189% on Instagram and 160% on Facebook. 

The study based on 3,272 UK consumers discovered that consumers are more influenced by social media than ever. More than 50% of consumers said that they might buy from a brand that they had not heard of if they see it on social media. 

Should Overseas Travellers Carry a Vaccine Passport?

YouGov discovered in a global report that most people are supportive of the notion of carrying a vaccine passport in order to travel including 77% of Brits and 82% of Singaporeans.  Another study by YouGov discovered that in America those who have been vaccinated were just as likely to travel this year as those who have not been vaccinated.


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