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Social Media Updates, an App for Collectors, and More!

By Shannon Correia on 13 October 2023

Connectible, the World’s First Social App for Collectors

Connectible is a platform for collectors to share their passions in a community platform. Users will be able to learn, network, and trade a wide range of collections across 70 different communities. The app launched at New York Comic Con with a mobile and web app featuring a marketplace and space for users to chat, share content, and create galleries.  

X Tests Options for Upload Quality 

Video creators will soon be able to select the video quality they’d like their content uploads to be in on X. This development comes as the platform enhances its video content by giving users greater control and options. This tool will be especially handy for journalists when uploading content while out in the field, for example. 

YouTube Tests Community Notes Feed

YouTube is testing a Community Notes feed via its mobile app. Channels will be able to incarnate text-based engagement featuring polls, quizzes, and disappearing updates to name a few. This is being tested with a small number of users and follows an earlier update this year which lowered the qualification threshold for Community Notes.

Snapchat’s Bitmoji Update

Snapchat updated Bitmojis with a new style that makes it look more 3D. The avatars have hair-like texture, face sharing and body proportions. The expressions have also become more nuanced and realistic, resulting in mixed reviews from users. 

Snapchat Launches Phantom House for Halloween

Snapchat is hosting an immersive Halloween activation called Phantom House. A story will unfold in a weekly video series starring the creators of Snap. Users will be able to participate by using elements within the app to gather clues and solve puzzles. According to Social Media Today, brands can also integrate themselves into the Phantom House with AR experiences of their own, commercials, and co-marketing. A Phantom House out-of-home takeover is taking place at the upcoming Advertising Week New York.

Adobe’s Gen AI Innovations for Creatives

Adobe MAX 2023 has launched as the world’s largest creativity conference. Set in Los Angeles, the 3-day event is being broadcast to creators and marketers around the world. MAX includes product releases, speakers, and networking, with a focus on AI innovations that are transforming creative workflows and professional content.  

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