Throwback to Ice Bucket Challenge, First-Party Data May Become King, What Are the 12 Brand Archetypes?

By Bert on 1 May 2021

YouTube is testing a new timed comments feature

YouTube just announced that it is testing a timed comments feature that will let you view comments at the exact time they were posted in the video. The beta feature is currently available to a select group of users. YouTube says "To see if you're part of the experiment, go to the comments section on iOS or Android, and tap the Sort button to select 'Timed Beta'."

First-party data may be king in the coookieless future

We are entering an uncertain phase in digital marketing. Third-party cookies have been phased out in nearly all browsers and iOS' latest update severely restricts how iOS apps can track users. We will no longer have the highly accurate view of the audiences we can target and the results our marketing efforts generate. In this new world, first-party data is emerging as a valuable commodity.

What is first-party data?

First-party data is collected by the owner of a digital property. So this could be a cookie owned by a newspaper on their website or data collected by an app. This data, with the user's permission, can document user behaviour across their digital property, purchase habits, CRM activity, reviews, etc. First-party data can be collected by first-party cookies and unlike third-party cookies, first-party cookies are not blocked by default.

How can advertisers use first-party data?

Admonsters reports that "95% of publishing decision-makers have started building their first-party data monetization strategies and 59% of advertisers have adopted publishers’ first-party data to fuel their marketing strategies." One view is that marketers will buy and plan media using publisher cohorts – audiences built by the publishers themselves. Various strategies and techniques are bound to be tested out – whatever happens, there could be a great opportunity for publishers in the months ahead.

What are the 12 brand archetypes?

The Drum has published an opinion piece linking the character types proposed by Carl Jung and how brands can use these characters to inform their personalities. The article lists the character types and provides examples of brands that live up to their characters. The characters are innocent, everyman, hero, outlaw, explorer, creator, ruler, magician, lover, caregiver, jester, sage.

Amazon Ad Revenue Jumps 77%

Earnings season is in full swing and every day new data is coming out from social media platforms and ecommerce giants. Amazon just reported that it increased its ad revenue by 77% – almost $7 billion per quarter, by adding new features and products to its advertising tools. CNBC reports that "Amazon CFO Brian Olsavsky said on the company’s earnings call that traffic to the site has been one large driver of the strength in its ads business. But he said ad relevancy and new ad products are also helping."

Throwback to the Ice Bucket Challenge

Will Leitch writes about the phenomenon that took the internet by storm – the Ice Bucket Challenge. Around this time, pretty much all of our clients were emailing us about how they can do something similar. It's a comprehensive article detailing its beginnings – it had nothing to do with ALS at first! – and how it evolved. It also includes a fun compilation of the best Ice Bucket Challenges.

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