TikTok To Host First-Ever Live Museum Marathon, Google's Floc API is Struggling to Take Off, Azar – The Social Discovery App Quietly Taking Over the World

By Bert on 18 May 2021

TikTok To Host First-Ever Live Museum Marathon

Today, TikTok is going to take users on a virtual tour of 23 museums dotted across 12 countries around the world. #MuseumMoment live will kick off with the National Gallery in Singapore and take users across various countries that include UK, Italy, Spain and USA. #MuseumMoment will be live streamed all day via TikTok for Good

Parler is Back to iOS App Store

Apple has allowed a self-dubbed "PG version" of the controversial app, Parler on the app store. Parler was dropped in January by many tech providers following the Washington insurrection in January 2021. Parler said that it implemented new moderation features which mean that controversial content that is not allowed on the iOS platform is only accessible through its web app.

Google's Floc API is Struggling to Take Off

In light of third-party cookies being phased out across all browsers, Google is implementing Floc API which instead of tracking individual users and their habits, tracks cohorts of users based on their domain browsing activity. So users with similar browsing patterns will be placed in the same groups and marketers will be able to target these groups instead of individual users. The move has received a negative response from the likes of DuckDuckGo, Mozilla and GitHub who believe that the new API does not actually address privacy concerns.

Azar – The Social Discovery App Quietly Taking Over the World

Azar is a South Korean social-discovery app that lets users connect and chat with each other.  The app uses AI to match users based on their hobbies and personalities and works hard to avoid banned/sexual content through automated moderation. Azar has steadily been growing in terms of revenue and users – in 2020, it was the sixth highest earning non-gaming app in Europe and claims to have generated more than 100,000,000,000 matches.

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