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TikTok Surpasses Google in Certain Search Queries, Key Trends in Influence Marketing and New Instagram Features

By Yunus on 24 November 2023

TikTok Surpasses Google in Certain Search Queries

Research reveals TikTok surpassing Google in certain search queries.TikTok is leading in "how to" searches, with 73% being informational and 21% commercial. In fashion, TikTok searches were 503% higher than Google's. Automotive and finance queries also showed higher volumes on TikTok. The study suggests TikTok's growing role as a search engine and e-commerce platform, impacting consumer search behaviour across various industries. Read more.

2024's Transformative Trends in Influence Marketing

Ogilvy's Red Paper identified six key influence trends shaping 2024 in the creator economy, estimated to be worth $500 billion by 2027. The trends include the growing cultural impact of sports beyond the field, AI's role in hyper-personalised influencer marketing, the increasing significance of sonic influence, the importance of sustainable influence and addressing greenwashing, the rise of employee advocacy in influencing consumer trust, and the shift from second screen to mainstream through livestreaming. The paper emphasises that 96% of the creator economy remains untapped, presenting vast opportunities for brands. Read more.

WARC's 2024 Toolkit: Five Key Global Marketing Trends

WARC's Marketer's Toolkit 2024 identifies five key trends shaping global marketing strategies: the rise of socio-political polarisation, the potential of generative AI, redefining masculinity, concerns over "sportswashing," and community-based sustainability. These trends, derived from WARC's GEISTE methodology and insights from over 1,400 marketing executives, highlight the evolving landscape of marketing, emphasizing the need for brands to adapt to changing consumer attitudes, technological advancements, and socio-political dynamics. The report underscores the importance of understanding and navigating these trends for effective marketing planning and decision-making in 2024. Read more.

TikTok's EVTA: New Insight Tool for Ad Conversions

TikTok introduces Engaged View-through Attribution (EVTA), a new tool providing deeper insights into ad conversions. EVTA tracks conversions from users who watch a video ad for at least six seconds but don't click, within a seven-day window. This offers advertisers a better understanding of ad impact beyond clicks, enriches campaign performance with quality signals, and aligns measurement methods across platforms. Combined with TikTok's Self-Attributing Network, EVTA aims to offer a more comprehensive view of user conversions, enhancing data-driven decision-making and campaign efficiency. Read more.

TikTok's 'Add to Music App' Links to Streaming Services

TikTok's new "Add to Music App" feature allows users to save songs directly to music platforms like Spotify or Amazon Music. This feature, enhancing TikTok's role in music discovery and promotion, appears as a button next to the song title on videos. It streamlines the process of transferring music from TikTok to users' preferred streaming services, further integrating TikTok into the music industry's ecosystem. This development underscores TikTok's significant influence in shaping music trends and launching artists' careers. Read more.

TikTok Gossip: Social Bonding vs. Privacy Issues

A random stranger eavesdropped on a conversation by a group of friends plotting to purposefully plan a birthday party during a person called Marissa's absence.  He then created a TikTok video looking for Marissa so that he can tell her about this. Marissa saw the video and severed ties with her friends and started @nomorelonelyfriends on Instagram. This incident raises concerns about TikTok fostering a culture of tattling. Mashable explores gossip's role in social bonding, citing studies and experts who argue that while gossip can be harmful, it often serves positive functions like promoting cooperation and building trust. Read more. 

Luminate Report: TikTok's Major Music Industry Influence

Luminate's "Music Impact Report" highlights TikTok's significant role in the music industry. It reveals that TikTok users are more likely to discover and share new music on social media and video platforms, often through viral challenges. The report also finds a correlation between TikTok engagement and increased music streaming numbers. This aligns with TikTok's recent collaborations with Spotify and Amazon Music, indicating its deepening integration with the music sector. Additionally, the study shows that a high percentage of TikTok users, especially in the UK, pay for streaming services and are more inclined to attend concerts and spend on music-related purchases. Read more.

TikTok Trend: 'Invisible String Theory' in Relationships

"Invisible String Theory," popularised on TikTok, relates to people discovering they've unknowingly crossed paths with significant others before actually meeting. It's exemplified by a couple who unknowingly shared locations and experiences before connecting on Bumble. The theory, linked to Taylor Swift's song and ancient beliefs like the Red Thread of Fate, suggests predestined connections. Experts, however, caution against over-reliance on fate in relationships, advocating for awareness of current relationship dynamics and personal well-being. Some suggest such theories can enhance relationship satisfaction, while others warn against letting them dictate life choices. Read more.

Instagram Enhances Creator Monetisation Tools

Instagram is expanding monetisation tools for creators, including a new holiday bonus in the U.S., South Korea, and Japan, rewarding creators for reel and photo views. Over 1 million Instagram Subscriptions now offer recurring income, with Meta waiving fees. Facebook Subscriptions also grow, with new features like free trials and varied pricing. Instagram gifts, allowing fans to support creators, are now available in more countries. Additionally, it’s now easier for creators to participate in branded content and partnership ads. Read more.

Instagram Improves Content Creation Tools

Instagram introduces new features for Reels, photos, carousels, and Stories, aimed at enhancing content creation. These include undo/redo for video editing, a media clip hub for adding audio to Reels, new text-to-speech voices, updated fonts, and custom sticker creation. Enhanced photo filters and better editing tools are also included. New insights like Replays and a Retention Chart also provide deeper performance understanding. These updates support creators in connecting with audiences and expressing creativity more effectively. Read more.

TikTok Shop: Mixed Results but Growing Advertiser Interest

Despite mixed results, advertisers are increasingly investing in TikTok Shop, a feature that allows users to purchase products directly within the app. Launched officially in the US on 12th September, TikTok Shop has seen success with some brands like BK Beauty, which reported a significant revenue increase and became one of the top beauty brands on TikTok. However, many other brands are experiencing lackluster sales. Despite this, some marketers see potential and are leveraging incentives offered by TikTok, such as ad credits and fulfillment charge coverage, especially in anticipation of Black Friday. The platform's virality and creator-centric approach offer unique opportunities, although the variable nature of TikTok's algorithm presents challenges. Overall, while TikTok Shop's success is still emerging, it represents a significant move in the social commerce sector. Read more.

TikTok Adopts ChatGPT-Like Conversational UI

The growing influence of ChatGPT's conversational UI is prompting platforms like TikTok to integrate similar features. TikTok's new "Customise Feed" option in the "For You" page settings allows users to provide conversational guidance on their content preferences. This approach aligns with current trends where users are becoming accustomed to asking for what they want in a straightforward manner, moving away from complex search techniques. However, there are concerns that such specificity might not always align with actual user preferences, as demonstrated by Meta's experiences with Facebook and Instagram. User feedback and engagement don't always reflect the broader interests of the majority, often dominated by a vocal minority. The new TikTok feature reflects a shift towards more intuitive, conversational user interfaces, accommodating evolving user behaviours, especially among younger, next-generation users. Yet, its impact on the algorithm and user experience remains to be seen and is considered a minor element at this stage. Read more.

Meta's Says Focus on Emotionally Resonant Content on Threads

As brands reassess their social media strategies, particularly on Meta's evolving Threads platform, conversation starters emerge as key engagement drivers. Meta, aiming for positive interactions, is tweaking its algorithm to favour emotionally resonant content over merely viral posts. Threads' unique features, like re-post limitations and topic tags, alongside Instagram data integration, guide content visibility. This evolving landscape necessitates a strategic approach focused on fostering genuine, positive engagement. Read more.

Instagram Global Rollout: Save Reels Feature

Instagram's Adam Mosseri announced the global rollout of a feature allowing users to save reels from all public accounts to their camera roll. Initially tested in the US, this functionality, similar to TikTok's, includes a watermark of the poster's Instagram name on downloaded reels. Public account holders can opt-out for individual posts or their entire account, with under-18s automatically opted out. Read more 

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