TikTok World wraps, Pinterest predicts trends, big brands rebound, wellness travel to boom

By Jessica L on 29 September 2021

New features revealed at TikTok World

TikTok wrapped its first global experience for businesses this week, where it shared a range of solutions to help marketers 'reimagine how they connect with their communities', and creators better monetise their content. Highlights of TikTok World include an updated version of TikTok Creator Marketplace, and the launch of Open Application Campaigns, which allows brands to post campaign briefs to the former.

Instagram advises fewer hashtags

Instagram has revealed best practices related to hashtag usage on its platform. Contrary to popular belief, the advice suggests that three to five hashtags is plenty, and that any more than 10 will not aid distribution. Other tips include mixing well-known and niche hashtags, and avoiding any that are overly generic or irrelevant. 

Facebook grounds Instagram Kids

In other news, Facebook has halted development of Instagram Kids after a damning piece by the Wall Street Journal prompted a Senate hearing. The story focused on data that indicated Instagram has had a toxic effect on teenage girls in particular – something Facebook argues is a misinterpretation of their research. As part of the company’s ongoing PR battle, it has shared insights into the types of content it is looking to limit in Feeds, such as 'engagement bait'.

Pinterest predicts trends

Pinterest has revealed that 80% of the trends in its annual Pinterest Predicts report were accurately predicted in 2021. Partnering with Black Swan Data, the company claims that trends grew faster on its platform than elsewhere on the internet (about 56% in the first six months compared to about 38% on other sites). Furthermore, the report suggests that trends last more than 20% longer, and evolve beyond their original use case. That is, they spread across categories.

Biggest brands bounce back

Kantar research has found that the UK’s biggest brands have recovered from the impact of the pandemic. Highlighting brand positioning and innovation as key focuses for the road ahead, a senior exec commented, 'The next test will be for high-achieving brands to sustain their performance as people socialise more again and return to work. They have got to present a clear and compelling offer that reflects the new and different ways people are living their lives.'

Wellness the next global travel movement

Skift posits that wellness trips are the next big global travel trend after predictions that the industry could be worth $919 billion worldwide by 2022. Citing from a recent survey by American Express, it reports that 68% of world travellers are likely to plan their next holiday around improving their mental wellbeing. The research also finds that consumers have a renewed appreciation for travel, with 83% saying that travel contributes to improved mental health. Over half say they feel comfortable taking a trip overseas in the next six months.

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