Twitter's #FollowLocalJournalists Campaign, Loyalty Programmes in a Cookieless World

By Bert on 4 May 2021

Twitter Kicks Off #FollowLocalJournalists Campaign

Twitter is celebrating World Press Freedom Day by undertaking a series of activities ranging from press ads across 28 local papers in the US to partnerships and curated Spaces on Twitter. The ads direct readers to Twitter lists of journalists created by newspapers and Twitter, while Twitter Spaces will host journalists from around the world discussing issues facing their industry.

Twitter is Making Spaces More Accessible

Twitter is steaming ahead with its audio-room functionality and introducing a series of new features that include the capability to sell tickets. It has already introduced a live captions feature, which is not yet available on Clubhouse, and outlined how it intends to make Twitter Space even more accessible.

Do Social Media Recommendation Engines Spread Hate?

Engadget has contributed to the ongoing debate on the algorithmic bias of social media recommendation engines. It covers a range of topics including the black box issue that is inherent with AI algorithms. Yavar Bathaee, quoted in the article, says "AI that relies on machine-learning algorithms, such as deep neural networks, can be as difficult to understand as the human brain ... There is no straightforward way to map out the decision-making process of these complex networks of artificial neurons."

Loyalty Programmes Will Help Brands in a Cookieless World

YouGov just published a piece on how loyalty programmes will become a valuable source of first-party data for brands when third-party cookies get phased out. YouGov discovered that 68% of people surveyed in the US said they like loyalty programmes that send personalised discounts based on their purchase history. 67% said they are willing to spend more with a brand if they are a member of its loyalty programme.

People Shouldn’t Have to Accept a Huge Torrent of Abuse Just Because They’ve Picked a Certain Career Path

Grace Beverley discusses her experiences of being an influencer on Instagram.

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