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Video Culture Is Changing. Here Are 5 Trends You Need to Know

By Shannon Correia on 14 September 2023

Video killed the radio star was a hit record back in 1979. Today, video still reigns supreme with short-form clips being all the rage on social media. In this article, we’re looking at 5 significant trends that are changing the ways video content is created and consumed.

1. Everyone Can Be a Creator

In today’s world, anyone can create, with more ways to share and express their creativity. With greater accessibility to creative video editing apps like CapCut, the barriers to reaching influential status are lower. These tools blur the lines between audiences and creators.

In fact, many Gen Z’s are self-proclaimed creators, be it in a professional sense or not. Brands can take note of this when reaching out, and capitalise on opportunities to challenge audiences to interact with their content.

2. More Formats

There are many ways to create, package, and publish video content. Videos cropped to suit social media frames, such as vertical or square videos, are arguably the most popular, but each platform offers multiple ways to share content so that it's more engaging. Live video streams are also incredibly popular. Even the way that content is shared has changed, for example, watching someone play Subway Surf while a voiceover shares a Reddit confession. 

Sharing videos in multiple formats can help you broaden your reach and improve brand recall. This has also encouraged creators to think about divergent ways to film topics by approaching them from different angles (both literally and figuratively). 

3. Flawsome Content

“Flaw-some” content has become the norm, showcasing unrefined content. It allows creators to shoot and share more content by capturing candid moments on the fly. This style also requires less planning and polished executions which saves time and can create a more authentic appeal. Another benefit is the ability to repurpose content with ease and creating content without having to break the bank.

4. Creative Tools

Video recording and editing tools are widely available and used by professionals and the broader public. It is easy to create video content with clips, remixes, experimental filters, effects, and audio. These functional and interactive tools allow creators to interact with each other directly.

5. AI Content

We’re also seeing all kinds of AI-generated video content emerge. This is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years, from surreal fantasy scenes and avatars to hyper-realistic depictions. This places more time and capabilities in the hands of creators while delivering futuristic-esque visuals.

As we can see, these 5 trends are signalling cultural shifts in societies. We’re keeping a close eye on these developments, many of which are outlined in the2023 Youtube Culture and Trends Report. Have you explored the true bounds of your creativity? 

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