Video Messaging on WhatsApp, the Launch of ChatGPT Enterprise, and Meta’s Ray Ban Glasses

By Shannon Correia on 1 September 2023

WhatsApp Video Messaging

WhatsApp video messaging has arrived! Sharing personal videos with your contacts is easy. They can be up to 60 seconds long, offering a fun way to chat and interact with others. Videos sent between contacts are end-to-end encrypted to keep these messages secure.

Simply tap the video mode in your chat to record your clip. When the recipient opens the message, it will automatically be on mute, with sound activated by tapping on the video. 

Videos allow you to chat showing emotions and body language, making this a fun way to share exchanges. It adds a personal and thoughtful touch to celebratory wishes, inside jokes, and everything between. 

Check your WhatApp to try out the new tool. If it hasn’t been made available in your region yet, don’t worry, it’s coming your way soon!

The Launch of ChatGPT Enterprise

OpenAI is launching ChatGPT Enterprise. It offers the same features ChatGPT in addition to business-focused features including enterprise-grade privacy, advanced data analysis, and customisation options.

There will be an admin console with tools to manage employees and integrations to create workflows and custom solutions. These features will utilise ChatGPT tools to take these a step further and make it more user-friendly. For instance, after drawing up reports, you can enter a question about pointing out the interesting insights from it. 

Pricing hasn’t been disclosed yet, but businesses are encouraged to get in touch with OpenAI if they’re interested to learn more. This feature is designed to complement ChatGPT Plus, with the extra benefit of priority access to GPT-4 which delivers faster performance and expanded context windows. 

OpenAI emphasises that business data submitted is encrypted and won’t be used to train its models. Instead, the company says that their AI is designed to elevate everyday lives and inspire teams to be more creative and productive. 

Meta’s Ray Ban Glasses

Rumour has it Meta will be pitching updated Ray Ban Stories glasses to live stream creators. The device will allow the wearer to stream videos directly to Facebook/Instagram, with built-in headphones for viewer interactions.

The current iterations of the Ray Ban Stories glasses were popular among live streaming influencers as it allowed them to film in a new way while earning money from viewer donations and listening to audio simultaneously. According to a data leak, this planned development will build upon these features with better audio experiences and easier interactions in real-time.

Sales in the device have dropped since the launch, so this expected update may reignite interest. Meta is also planning to create full-feed AR glasses. 

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