What are some alternatives to TikTok if it is shutdown and what is doomscrolling.

By Bert on 14 August 2020

Marketers are looking into alternatives should TikTok no longer be around

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Following reports of an imminent ban of TikTok in the US and TikTok offering to return the media spend of its advertisers, Adweek reports that marketers are keeping an eye on how TikTok's competitors are doing with mainly Byte, Triller and Instagram Reels being in the foray.

Cultural relevance should be a part of your brand conversation

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Twitter has published a sponsored article on Adweek describing the emergence of Co-viewing and how brands can take advantage. Read more.

How has the Covid-19 lockdowns affected SMBs?

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Facebook collaborated with The World Bank and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation to create the Global State of Small Business Report, which includes monthly updates on how SMBs are faring. Facebook also announced that it is making $100 million available in grants to small business around the world. Read more.

Can creativity help businesses recover from the Covid-19 pandemic?

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In the Covid-19 era, change is the only constant and disruption is the new normal. Against this backdrop, what role can marketing and creativity play in boosting a business’s recovery? But, I think this is the first time that marketing has become a true business function. The whole definition of the marketing function and what marketing does in the organisation that has become crystal clear right now. Opher Yom-Tov, chief design officer, ANZ Bank, said embracing creativity across a business requires leadership that encourages and creates space for innovation. However, as brands move to scale the new creative challenge, many are getting bogged down in the production process, according to Michael Stoddart, director, strategic development at Adobe APAC. They will admit They’ve got no time to try something new because They're too busy doing the same thing over and over and over again. So, we will have we budget cut; I think there will be cuts across everyone in every industry. Read more.


It's official: More than 400 million people around the world now come to Pinterest every month to find inspiration. As we cross this 400 million monthly active users (MAU) milestone, Gen Z and Millennials are driving much of our growth, with the number of men on Pinterest also jumping nearly 50% year on year, too. Read more.

TikTok shows brands how to use TikTok

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Unless you're a Gen Zedder, you'll be forgiven for not knowing how TikTok works and how you can use TikTok for your marketing campaigns. With some brands reporting phenomenal results from their campaigns on the platform, TikTok has now produced a playbook for brands can use the channel. Once you've gone through all the lessons, you can undertake an exam and be certified as a "TikTok Pro". Read more.

Snapchat has TikTok in its lenses

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SnapChat is partnering with TikTok stars including Jalaiah Harmon to promote its lenses that can specifically be used on TikTok. The launch comes off the back of insights that show users of augmented reality apps often post the same content on multiple platforms. Read more.

Facebook, Snap Showed Interest In Purchasing TikTok Rival Dubsmash: Report

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We already know that Microsoft is currently in talks with ByteDance to purchase TikTok’s operations across different countries. The report notes that this interest in Dubsmash by big tech companies brings to light how companies are looking to capitalize on short-form video apps, especially now that TikTok has come under scrutiny. Although the deal around TikTok is in talks, a report in a state-backed newspaper, China Daily, stated that the US plans for the purchase of a video app as “theft”, stating China won’t accept it. Read more.

What is doomscrolling and how to cut back?

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Mashable reports doomscrolling is a new term that emerged during Covid-19 lockdowns. It describes how users go on social media and up scrolling through endless lists of highly concerning news. Now that you know what it is, here are five tips from Mashable on how you can cut back on doomscrolling. Read more.

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