Willkommen in Berlin: Part Two

By Jess C on 6 November 2019

Now, it’s time to cue the theme music from The Apprentice…’cause it’s the final phase of our Berlin bodystorming brief. 🙌

Just to recap, our brief was to go to Berlin to develop proposals for ideas, products – anything – that Imperial Leisure could develop in order to enter the German market. Being split into two teams (Team Wizness and Team Absolutely Not), we had to structure our proposal based on the different phases of bodystorming: Observation and Acting Out. And naturally, after developing rationale, concept, branding and paths to marketing, each team would Present their work with one ultimate winner. 

The experience and creative vibrancy of Berlin was an eye-opening experience for both teams, and our designer also found lots of inspiration from Bauhaus design principles when developing both brand guidelines. Each team responded to the brief differently, venturing into new territories within the German market. 

Team Wizness proposed the idea of an experiential agency (a branch of Imperial Leisure) to be called ‘&LEISURE’. In a similar business approach to other brands, such as Suitcase or Timeout, the agency would also own and operate a proprietary tool. In this case, it would be a booking website that exclusively offered curated, local experiences called ‘LEISURE STORIES’. 

Team Are You Ok? proposed to disrupt the booming peer-to-peer lending market, following their unique insight taken from Berlin that Germans had a tendency to mistrust banks. The idea was to develop an easy-to-use app called ‘DeutschLend’, that would circumvent banks in favour of borrowing from peers. 


Drumroll, please… 

It was a close call, but there could only be one winning team. 

Team Are You Ok? excelled in the first two phases of bodystorming, with their brave and bold idea leading to beautiful branding and tone of voice development, thanks in part to Imperial Leisure’s designer extraordinaire. The team also won points for the Observation phase of the bodystorm and the overall storytelling in the Presentation phase. While Team Wizness excelled in expanding on their Concept and idea into a multi-pronged approach to the German market, which also encompasses a more feasible Path to Market for the agency and subsequent booking website. The senior team were left feeling excited about the possibilities! 

Ultimately, it was Team Wizness that took home the proverbial gold… And an extra holiday day to boot! 

Now at the risk of sounding cliché, even after our presentations, we all felt like winners. Our experiences and team-building exercises from Berlin left us with new skills in creative problem-solving, as well as incredible memories of this breathtaking city. 

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