Workplace Reaches 7 Million Paid Subscribers, LinkedIn Tells Us B2B Marketing Shouldn't be Boring, TikTok is Celebrating Small Businesses

By Bert on 8 May 2021

Workplace Reaches 7 Million Paid Subscribers

Workplace by Facebook has reached 7 million paid subscribers last year by adding another 2 million paid subscribers in the last year. 

What is Workplace by Facebook?

Workplace by Facebook is a paid version of Facebook for organisations and businesses to collaborate. It incorporates a newsfeed, groups, chat and other functionality to make it easier for employees and employers to engage with each other.

TikTok is Celebrating Small Businesses

TikTok is celebrating local and small businesses in May. Users can tag content with #SupportSmallBusiness, join a four-part series on TikTok where small business owners across the country can learn how to get started on TikTok and unlock insights from Nielsen to optimise their paid campaigns.

Twitter Launches Podcast: I Wish I Knew

Twitter is tapping into the audio trend by delivering Twitter research through podcasts. Each episode will be hosted by a different pair of researchers who will share insights about their careers, discoveries and why research matters.

LinkedIn Tells Us B2B Marketing Shouldn't be Boring

LinkedIn has published a piece, featuring short case studies, that makes the case for B2B marketers to be braver and more creative. In its words "We need to stop treating B2B as something inherently boring that we can spice up with humour or emotional appeal. " Case studies include how businesses such UpWork, Cisco, Novartis and Uberflip achieved success.

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