YouTube Shorts Lets More Users Sample Audio from Any Video, Android Follows iOS, Twitter About to Launch Super Follows Feature

By Bert on 7 June 2021

YouTube Shorts will Soon Let Users Sample Audio from Any YouTube Video

YouTube is catching up with TikTok by allowing more countries to sample audio from any YouTube video. Uses can already sample audio from any Shorts video – the new feature will expand the content they can sample audio from any video on YouTube, provided that the creator has given permission.

Twitter About to Launch Super Follows Feature

Twitter is reportedly about to launch a new feature that will let some account holders charge users to give them access to additional content. To take part, account holders must have at least 10,000 followers, tweeted 25 times in the past 30 days and be 18 years old. 

Android will Follow iOS and Allow Users to Opt-Out of Ad Tracking

Google is following in the footsteps of Apple by allowing users to completely opt out of being tracked by apps in late 2021. Users could previously choose not to receive targeted ads, but apps could still track users through a unique identifier. With the new feature, apps will not be able to track users through this unique ID.

UK's consumer confidence reaches five-year high

According to YouGov, the confidence of consumers in the UK hit 113.6, its highest level since April 2016 while outlook for business activity also continues to improve. The survey discovered that the security workers feel in their current role saw the largest increase in confidence to an all-time high.








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