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Creative Content Marketing Strategies: Using AI to Forecast the Next John Lewis Christmas Ad

By Yunus on 20 October 2023

In the UK, the arrival of the John Lewis Christmas advertisement has become as much a herald of the festive season as the first fall of snow or the switching on of Christmas lights across high streets. These ads aren't just mere commercials; they are short films that capture the essence of the holiday spirit, often featuring emotive storylines, endearing characters, and memorable soundtracks. Year after year, they spark conversations, inspire parodies, and even tug at the nation's heartstrings, becoming a cultural phenomenon in their own right.

The question on everyone's lips as the festive season approaches is, 'What will the next John Lewis Christmas ad be like?' We've turned to artificial intelligence to find an answer. By feeding the synopsis of previous John Lewis advertisements into ChatGPT, we generated new storylines that could potentially serve as the basis for future ads. In doing so, we hope to explore the fascinating intersection between creative content marketing and cutting-edge technology.

Are the ideas any good? That’s another question and we’ll leave that up to you!


The Time Capsule

A young girl and her grandfather bury a time capsule in the garden, filled with mementos that represent their favourite Christmas memories. Years later, the girl, now a young woman, digs it up after her grandfather has passed away. Along with the memories, she finds a letter from him which he must have sneaked into the capsule without her seeing. The letter encourages her to make new memories with her own family as this is the best gift of all.

Music: A cover of "Time After Time" by Cyndi Lauper, performed by a rising British indie artist.


The Christmas Recipe

A young man finds his grandmother's Christmas recipe book and they both start cooking her special Christmas dish. As they cook, they reminisce about past Christmases and meals. The family gathers around the table, and upon tasting the dish, the film reveals that the grandmother has been there in spirit as she passed away that year and this has been a celebration of her memories.

Music: A cover of "Home" by Michael Bublé.


The Festive Busker

A street musician plays Christmas tunes on a busy shopping street but is largely ignored day after day. A young child is captivated and as she walks by she starts dancing more and more every day. Eventually more, people join in until a spontaneous street party forms, reminding everyone of the joy of the season.

Music: A medley of classic Christmas songs.


The Christmas Wish

A child writes a letter to Santa and waits impatiently for Santa to deliver her wishes. On Christmas Eve, the parents reveal that they've taken the day off and we realise that this was the child’s wish in the letter all along. The family enjoys a wonderful Christmas, showing that the best gifts aren't material.

Music: A cover of "Do You Believe in Magic?" by The Lovin' Spoonful.


The Reunion

A shy young girl with a love for singing overhears a group of neighbours planning a Christmas choir. Initially hesitant, she eventually joins and discovers her talent, culminating in a heartwarming community performance that brings everyone together.

A cover of "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen

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