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How to Select a TikTok Creative Agency for Your Brand

By Shannon Correia on 15 June 2023

TikTok is a social media platform that needs no introduction. After coming onto the scene in the last few years, it has garnered worldwide success and is well on its way to reaching 1 billion active users in the coming couple of years. With so much to offer, it’s no wonder businesses are vying to establish their brand among its users.

Why Brands Work with TikTok Creative Agencies

Part of TikTok’s popularity is thanks to its novelty in the social media space. With primarily short-form video content shared in a no-frills fashion, it continues to offer the perfect mix of entertainment and connection that audiences (including the lucrative Gen Zs) crave. So, TikTok offers endless potential opportunities, but it can be tricky for businesses to get it right. That’s where a creative agency comes in. 

A TikTok creative agency offers services tailored to suit the app. They understand the platform and what works on it and help brands just like yours to take their place within this realm. This is especially helpful when you consider the amount of work that is required to have a thriving account, from planning content to shooting (which includes last-minute trending content), and, of course, engaging with audiences.

That being said, working with the right agency for your brand is paramount. You need to partner with professionals who can understand your brand and audiences just as well as they understand the platform. 

First things first, objectives need to be set. Goals give you direction and having a presence on TikTok needs to be driven by purpose. Being such a vast platform, it can be easy to get swept away without a clear vision for your brand. So, the fit and goal need to be determined. Next, you’ll need to identify your target audiences and niche. 

While a niche will be related to your industry, it helps to have a specific content plan to make you stand out. TikTok requires a new and unique edge and a consistent brand voice. Setting this out and sticking to it will be a key initial step for the agency to lay out. 

As with all social media marketing, budgets and timelines also need to be set. There are various resources required to create the content and then to promote it with TikTok for Business. This tends to go hand-in-hand with the budget as TikTok requires quick turnaround times to remain relevant. 

How to Choose a TikTok Creative Agency

As we’ve already established, deciding on a TikTok creative agency to work with is no easy feat. Take care in exploring the landscape of possibilities, as well as evaluating the experience and expertise of potential agencies. Put out a request for proposals and be sure to gather insights from reviews and testimonials during the process as well. 

Finding a way to showcase your brand’s values and messaging is key. Alongside that, the agency will assist in creating collaborations with influencers and applying their knowledge of trends and the algorithm to work. Connecting with audiences through active community engagement is also a very important component. Finally, the agency will need to provide precise reporting (which TikTok enables) which can be immensely beneficial in creating proper attributions and results. 

The Next Steps

Once you have chosen your creative agency, it’s time to get to work! Now, onboarding can begin. Be sure to set clear expectations and align on the direction of the channel. Having clear and quick approval processes will also make a significant difference. From here, it’s time to trust your decision-making and see the responses as your brand becomes established in the TikTok world. 

That concludes our guide to TikTok creative agencies. When you find the right fit, your brand can enjoy unprecedented social media success on this platform. 

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