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Role of creativity and agencies on Instagram

By Shannon Correia on 28 July 2023

Social media platforms are one of the most important elements of digital marketing. By leveraging and showcasing creativity on Instagram, brands can find favour among audiences and success that reflects in the bottom line. Let’s take a look at what that means and how to know you’re working with an agency that gets it.

With social media rising to become part of everyday life for many, it’s no wonder brands have had to adapt and meet their audiences on these platforms. Instagram has been a long-standing giant on the scene, and one which is perfect for connecting with your audience.

With its overarching popularity, however, there is also a lot of noise online. One of the best ways for brands to stand out (for all the right reasons), is by using creativity. Why? Well, creative pursuits and endeavours are original and authenticity is one of society’s driving factors, especially when it comes to brands. It has become difficult for brands to expand their organic reach on Instagram, and audiences are looking for more than “buy me” posts. There is a complex mix that is required to gain the necessary exposure and results you seek. You’ll need a consistent brand voice, an advertising strategy, and creative campaigns to name but a few.

There are many ways that content can spur engagement, from inspiring audiences to creating communities. A well-rounded approach that utilises all of Instagram’s features is key to finding the sweet spot on the app - that means engaging photography and videography.

So, how does one suss out creative capabilities in an agency?

A natural starting point would be to assess the work they’ve done for other clients, and their proposed content plan for you. This lets you see their plan, methodology, and creative wherewithal. It is important to align your goals and needs so that appropriate KPI’s are understood and incorporated into the strategy. It is also essential that an agency has a broader plan set out for a brand’s Instagram content by means of collaborations through user generated content and influencer marketing. 

Once your brand is sharing content that works on Instagram, you can expect to see direct results. This depends on the original goals, but can include more sales, web traffic, and brand awareness. As more and more brands step up their social media marketing game, the bar for content has been raised.

If you aren’t leveraging creativity, then your brand is missing out. Success on Instagram can have a significant effect on your brand in multiple ways. Be sure to partner with an agency that values creativity and has the capacity and drive to showcase it. 

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