Instagram connects us with previously unconsidered destinations and gives them a social seal of approval, with user-generated content a particularly powerful driver of bookings. Eighty per cent of travellers agree that viewing UGC increases confidence in making travel decisions.

The parallels between Instagram and travel are many: both are about escapism and excitement, seeing a version of the world at its best and stepping outside the realm of our immediate lives. Steadily, the two have become symbiotic. #travel appears in almost 600 million posts and 48% of people choose their holiday destination based on Insta-inspiration.

Instagram is the new travel agent. And as an image-based platform, it uses visual appeal to transcend language barriers and shape the way billions of people find, perceive and experience tourist destinations.

This report provides an analysis of what has worked in the past. It’s not intended to be a strategy document. It’s intended to inspire you to think about why something may have worked in the past. To achieve success, it’s important that you develop a strategy, which is right for your business.

Download the report analysing over 40k+ hotel Instagram posts including:

  • Best-performing words on Instagram
  • Best-performing hashtags on Instagram
  • Instagram caption length analysis
  • Instagram emoji analysis
  • Impact of Covid-19 on Instagram
  • Instagram insights & takeaways
  • Power post pillars for Instagram


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