Love Will Conquer

The Story

Love Will Conquer is a project we developed to celebrate Valentine’s Day. It's a real-time, interactive, 3D stream of tweets that mention the words "love" or "hate".  The tweets are mapped onto a 3D Earth and are animated into a 3D structure based on the time the tweets were posted, how long the tweets are and whether the tweets mention love or hate.  

You can browse the tweets by country to give you a snapshot of how much love (and hate) there is in that country.  Locations are pre-selected according to the volume of tweets coming from that location. 

The application was developed using HTML5 and WebGL.


The Results

The response to the project has been phenomenal with the likes of Engadget, The Verge and The Next Web covering the project. The microsite received more than a 1m visits while the coverage by the press generated 945m impressions