We supported Mizuno with promotion of its brand and products across digital, social and film.

The Story

For more than a hundred years Mizuno’s core philosophy has been to contribute to society through the advancement of sporting goods and the promotion of sports. Mizuno's technological advancements make its sporting equipment and apparel go the extra mile and keep you in tip-top playing form no matter the sport or the conditions.

We supported Mizuno with promotion of its brand and products across digital, social and film.


We generated 303% organic growth in fans on social media over an 18-month period. We generated 45% organic reach on Facebook. We helped amplify 3,000 visitors to the pop-up store to 369,000 their friends on Facebook.

From the off, Imperial Leisure demonstrated a strong strategic approach that understood our business objectives and goals. The nimble team backed this up through innovative, creative execution across all channels.

The Website

We redesigned and rebuilt Mizuno’s website to communicate this message through a structured, pure and coherent way. We developed a responsive site with an engaging, modern, light and clean look and feel while still providing a hint of Mizuno’s traditional values and heritage. We added subtle clues to Mizuno’s brand and celebrated Mizuno’s Japanese identity by complimenting section titles with Japanese copy. 

Mizuno Website

Social Media

We developed the social media strategy for Mizuno and implemented it through content creation, customer service community management and campaigns.

Mizuno Social Media

Pop-Up Store

Mizuno launched a pop-up store to celebrate its Mizuno Seiei product range. We created digital, social and mobile applications to enhance the experience of visitors to the Mizuno Performance Centre and to amplify the reach of the pop-up venue by encouraging visitors to tell their friends about the Mizuno Performance Centre.

Mizuno Seiei

The Website

We designed and developed the website for Mizuno's Seiei product range and the Mizuno Performance Centre. Seiei (Japanese for "elite") products are worn by some of the best athletes in the world. Mizuno Performance Centre is dedicated to celebrating this product range and Mizuno 100+ year history. The website was designed to encourage consumers to preregister to attend the Mizuno Performance Centre.

Social Media

We created an advocacy campaign to amplify the reach of the Mizuno Performance Centre. The advocacy campaign encouraged consumers to invite three friends to the Mizuno Performance Centre for the chance to win VIP entry. We created additional applications to deliver customised content within Facebook.  The applications ranged from a Facebook version of the global leaderboard, tracking the scores of visitors who have attended the Mizuno Performance Centre, to tabs displaying key information about the venue and how to get there.

Mizuno Seiei

Registration/Check-in App

We created an iPad app to register and check in visitors. The apps also incentivised visitors to tell their friends about their visit to the Mizuno Performance Centre by offering them a prize if they check in on Facebook.

Mizuno Seiei Tournament App

Tournament App

We created an iPad app to keep track of the scores of visitors who take part in the activities at the Mizuno Performance Centre.  Once a visitor took part in an activity such as football, handball or running their scores were submitted to an online database.

Wave Evo

We created videos to showcase the features of the forefoot-running sensation Wave Evo.

Midfoot running leads to a smoother, more efficient action.  We produced a film to communicate the benefits of forefoot/midfoot running and how the new Mizuno Wave Evo help forefoot/midfoot runners