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Swatch Influencer Marketing Campaigns

The Swatch Story

Known for its revolutionary concepts, creative models and the pleasure it takes in provocation, Swatch loves to keep on surprising its audience.

We help Swatch with influencer marketing campaigns to promote their launch events for new watch collections. As part of these campaigns we work with a range of influencers (from micro influencers to super influencers) to activate a variety of objectives ranging from content creation through to generating reach. Recently, we helped with the launch of the Big Bold range, a collection designed with big ideas for bolder personalities, the launch of their Knightliness collection boasting big studs and a gothic touch, and the relaunch of their Oxford Street store.


The Big Bold Launch

We helped kick off Swatch’s Big Bold viral movement #iambold. We sourced 16 diverse and unique influencers to create hype and generate awareness. We encouraged the influencers to share their personal stories on what makes them feel bold and confident.


The Oxford Street Store Launch

We invited 18 influencers to the Swatch flagship store on Oxford Street for the launch of its limited-edition 313 watch. The launch included a flash mob, branded tuk-tuks, an after-party and promotion of the new Knightliness Collection.